Madison Rayne Praises Trish Stratus

TNA’s Madison Rayne has revealed that one of her role models is the 7-time WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Speaking in an interview with, she says:

I loved her for so many reasons. She was beautiful, strong, and athletic and she was always a great role model for aspiring women wrestlers. She had a look that guys loved, and a personality that made women adore her as well. Her matches with Tara were some of my favorite ever to watch. The characteristics that made me love her are present in each member of our locker room. As much as I love to rip her hair out of her head in the ring, Taylor Wilde has the same presence about her that Trish always did. She’s strong, athletic, and… well.. she’s no Beautiful People, but she’s…. anyway… she’s good.

It just goes to show the reach that Trish has had on many women getting into the industry, as a role model for girls that aren’t even affiliated with WWE.

Earlier this week, WWE’s Maria also had some positive words about Stratus.

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  • TrishMelinaFan

    That’s Trish for ya’! ;)

  • theregoeskitty

    wow they look kinda similar when u put them side by side, Madison needs to cut back on the make up though

  • rodneyclint

    Goes to show you that Trish really is the best there was, I love that a TNA Knockout is even acknowledging it as well.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Thats my Trish! :)

    See Trish dosent have to have 10 yrs of wrestling expirence to be a role model. That just goes to show you know. I just wanted to say that comment for the ppl who will say Lita , Victoria , Molly etc…was better than trish and blah blah blah! How does trish get all the attention. Like I said you dont have to have 10 yrs of expirence of wrestlin nd train in mexico for young women wrestlers of today to look at u as a role model

  • justbringit

    More proof that Trish is the icon of women’s wrestling. If anybody is “overrated”, it’s Lita. All she could do was moonsaults, and she had no mainstream appeal. The pedestal she is put on by some people is ridiculous. Trish totally overshadowed her by 2003. And Trish appealed to both sexes, while Lita really only appealed to women. I don’t care if other women were “better” wrestlers, like Molly or Victoria, they didn’t draw half as much interest as Trish did.

    Anyway, cool to see Trish still getting love after moving on from wrestling. I’m not a big fan of Madison Rayne’s looks(she’s not exactly “beautiful” imo). But I can understand why she would want to model herself after Trish.

    • Melanie

      I can totally see this becoming a Trish vs Lita fan war, so let’s nip it in the bud. Keep your comments focused on Trish and Madison.

  • RKOyou

    This is not Madisons best picture but she is very beautiful, she’s one of my favorite TNA knockouts and I’m hoping she breaks away from the beautiful people and becomes the Trish stratus of TNA:D

  • Teri

    I really wish Madison would start wearing her makeup differently – it makes her look AWFUL. Anyway, great post.

  • JaiRate86

    I think Madison is on the right track of being an evolving wrestler like Trish! Plus, don’t she look like Trish a little?

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Ummm,you guys do know that TNA does the make up FOR them,right?

  • litafan2000

    That’s really nice that Trish inspired Madison and Maria….Madison could be the next Trish if she continues to improve each and every week like she has been…….Anyway that goes to show that all of Trish Stratus’ hard work paid off …..I find it so funny that some of you people bring other divas names up such as Lita,Tara,Molly and etc when Trish ‘s name is mentioned and when the topic isn’t even about them. Trish can inspire as many women as she wants, but that doesn’t mean she is better then those ladies I mentioned. Sorry Melanie I just had to add that in!

  • amare136

    stfu justbringit.
    Trish could never do a Moonsault. All she did was a Bulldog where her opponent had to lift her and some random basic moves.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    ^ ^ Lolz, I say that too :P
    I, as you can see from my name, am a Lita fan :)
    However, in general, Im a female wrestling fan – therefore although i prefer Lita over Trish, and a lot of other divas for that matter, I’m not going to knock her any more.

    We diva fans always criticize other divas – Maryse for using too much character after the bell rings, The bellas for not being as good as the rest in the ring etc. etc. … and then WE, as a community complain about the lack of effort put into womens storylines in general and that they have no ring time ….. Well, really were kinda causing all this.
    Anyways – Every1 has their favourites which means there will be disagreements between people – Get over it xD.

    Nice to see Trish being aknowledged by a Knockout :)

  • Mikas

    rodneyclint wrote:
    “Goes to show you that Trish really is the best there was”

    Why? Because 1 wrestler says she inspired her? Let’s look at some other “favorite female wrestlers” from the glory profiles:

    Serena Deeb: Molly Holly, Victoria
    Jennifer Blake: Molly Holly, Sara Del Ray, Daizee Haze, Beth Pheonix
    Sojo Bolt: Molly Holly, Victoria, Jazz
    Allison Danger: Mariko Yoshida, Manami Toyota
    Daizee Haze: Molly Holly
    Mickie Knuckles: Molly Holly & Daizee Haze
    Lacey: Molly Holly, Madusa, Fabi Apache
    Mickie James: Lita
    Lorelei Lee: Molly Holly
    Lufisto: Bull Nakano, Mariko Yoshida
    Amber O’Neal: Lita
    Rain: Madusa, Molly Holly
    Nikki Roxx: Ivory
    Sassy Stephie: Sherri Martel
    Velvet Skye: Lita, Trish
    Angelina Love: Molly Holly, Victoria

    See the number of times Molly Holly inspired female wrestlers? So by -YOUR- logic Molly Holly is the best there ever was. Trish Stratus has great, and definately helped make womens wrestling more populair with mainstream wrestling fans, but Molly Holly is the one who actually inspired the most women to become a wrestler themselves.

  • xflygurlx16

    i agree 100% with amare trish did suck in the ring and i cant believe how many wrestling fans got brainwashed by wwe however she was entertaning as hell! and wwf/wwe wouldve been borin without her, and she paved the way for divas like, candice, michelle mccool, kelly kelly e.t.c..
    i just wish all the wrestlers didnt have to job to her for so many years :(

  • xflygurlx16

    justbringit you can stfu!! lita didnt just appeal to women she appealed to men aswell! all my friends that watch wrestling are boys and wen we talk about wwe the only diva they ever mention is lita! not trish! she cant wrestle and you an idiot!

  • RKOyou

    xflygurlx16- If you actually look back at many of Trish’s matches, you’ll see she loses a lot of them, you will not believe how many times she put over Jazz, Molly Holly, and victoria.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    People always find reasons to bash wrestlers in this topics. This is about Madison being inspired by Trish, it isn’t a battle of the wrestlers. However I agree with Mikas point of view. Imagine that someone like Maria inspired girls to wrestle. Did that make her better? No. Inspiration is a rather personal subject and most of the times it doesn’t mean nothing on the performance level.

    Anyways, its good to see a Knockout doing a nice comment about a former WWE talent. If Trish still was in the WWE, this probably wouldn’t have been said, which makes me sad. I always disliked how women have the tendency to bring other women down instead of supporting each others.

  • rodneyclint

    I hate that when you say you love someone or praise them a little too highly, everyone assumes you don’t appreciate other people. @Mikas, I was a big fan of Molly Holly and anyone with half a brain knows she was an awesome wrestler and was better than Trish, as were/are a lot of ladies. And I love that you think that your little list proves something when it doesn’t, do you know how many female wrestlers are not on that list? Ha.

  • Mikas

    rodneyclint wrote:
    “And I love that you think that your little list proves something when it doesn’t, do you know how many female wrestlers are not on that list? Ha.”

    That wasnt the point of the list. You are the one that made the statement “xxx is the best ever, because yyy praised xxx”. Just because 1 person praises someone, doesn’t nean it’s “evidence” they are the best. It’s all a matter of who your favorite is. Although I always liked Trish (even more than Lita to some extend), i am aware that there are at least 100 Japanese wrestlers that are more skilled than her in the ring, but that doesnt take anything away from Trish of what she has accomplished. Like i said in my first post, she has put womens wrestling on the map (for the casual wrestling fan).