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    Today in History: Debra Wins the Women’s Championship

    On this day in history:

    May 10th, 1999 | Acting Commissioner Shawn Michaels booked a Women’s Title match pitting champ Sable against Debra, but gave it a “twist” in making it an Evening Gown match. Distraction by Val Venis allowed Sable to rip Debra’s dress off before she even knew what was happening, and she was victorious. However, Shawn appeared to inform Sable that he, in hindsight, was changing the rules of the match. He was so impressed by Debra’s “puppies” that he decided the winner would be the woman whose evening gown was removed. That meant that Debra won the match and therefore was the new Women’s Champion.

    What are your memories of this moment?

    Note: This was originally posted on 5/10/12.