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    Full ‘Tough Enough’ Cast Revealed

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    After a three day mini-camp at the WWE Performance Center, the WWE has narrowed down the Tough Enough field to the final 13. These 13 will compete on the show when it premieres June 23rd on the USA Network.

    Competing to become the newest WWE Diva will be Amanda Saccomanno, Daria Berenato, Dianna Dahlgren, Gabi Castrovinci, Giorgia Piscina and Sara Lee.

    The first announcement was made on Twitter, the WWE posting photos of the lineup:

    Full bios have been added to the announcement on the official Tough Enough website, giving us a better idea of who these women are.

    Amanda Saccomanno of Yorktown Heights, New York:

    When you’re 5-foot-4 and can lift 225 pounds, you’re bound to turn some heads. Now it’s time to see if this fitness entrepreneur from Yorktown Heights can thrive on WWE’s bright stage. An athletic powerhouse who stays in shape with dance, yoga, Pilates and CrossFit, Saccomanno’s physical prowess could make her a welcome addition to the Divas division. Ironically enough, her childhood nickname was “Hamburgers,” but even that fact may turn out to be appropriate: Underestimate her and she’ll eat you for lunch.

    Daria Berenato of Los Angeles, California:

    Ever hear of The Jersey Devil? Well that’s Daria Berenato, a 5-foot-7 mixed martial arts fighter nicknamed after the famed beast and looking to make her mark in WWE. Currently a co-host of the YouTube show “UFC AfterBuzz,” Berenato has been training in one form of fighting or another since age 16. Rest assured, if she fights her way to a WWE contract, everyone from the Pine Barrens to Full Sail University will be put on notice.

    Dianna Dahlgren of Spokane, Washington:

    If you’ve seen the cover of “Oxygen,” “Muscular Development” or “Muscle & Fitness,” at some point you’ve probably seen Dianna Dahlgren. A Monster Energy spokesperson and model, Dahlgren boasts a “shredded” physique that can give most potential Divas a run for their money, not to mention a social media following (290,000-plus followers on Facebook and Instagram) that would make most Superstars jealous. Her love of the extreme led her to WWE. Will we see her on Monday Night Raw next?

    Gabi Castrovinci of Southington, Connecticut:

    What’s there to know about Gabi Castrovinci? Born in Brazil, she grew up practicing Jiu-Jitsu and is a professional athlete for World Beauty Fitness & Fashion. An avid surfer and snowboarder, Castrovinci is a self-employed entrepreneur who sells Brazilian leggings online. If she wins Tough Enough, she’ll be trading in Brazilian leggings for Indian Deathlocks in no time.

    Giorgia Piscina of Brisbane, Australia:

    The farthest-flung of WWE Tough Enough’s contestants, Giorgia Piscina comes to the Performance Center on a wing and a dream. An eight-year gymnastics veteran and Bikini Dive competitor for the WBFF, Piscina’s “toughest” moment came when she crossed the finish line on a 400-meter race with a broken ankle. Now facing down her biggest opportunity yet, she’s got plenty to carry her over the finish line, but can she capitalize on the opportunity?

    Sara Lee of Hope, Michigan:

    A pure athlete looking to take her skills to the ring, Sara Lee boasts one of the most unique backgrounds of WWE Tough Enough’s hopefuls. While studying to become an ultrasound technician, Lee is also a power lift competitor who trains six times a week and can squat 230 pounds and bench press 140 pounds. Introduced to WWE by her older brother, she is “in love” with The Bella Twins. Should she prove tough enough, Nikki and Brie might have themselves a new ally … or enemy.

    The WWE’s official YouTube channel has posted a video of Triple H addressing the final 13:

    Tune in to the premiere of Tough Enough June 23rd at 8pm ET on the USA Network.

    Who are you rooting for?