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Total Divas Redux: “Eat Your Heart Out”

First of all…. QUEEN BRIE IS STAYING WITH WWE!!!! Praise everyone and everything!

Secondly, I am still LOLing at the obvious AJ Lee shade thrown by the girls during the WrestleMania Divas tag team match.

And last, but certainly not least, if you are going to take the time out of your mundane life to tweet me your hate towards a Total Divas recap, at least make it worth my time and yours and give me a reason to reply. I don’t care if you disagree with my opinion on a “reality” show. Don’t bother defending your favorites to me. Go apply for a writer’s position at a world wide, well respected website, and write your own recap of your own opinion of a reality show.

Hello, everyone!!!!

It’s Thursday and nearly a hundred degrees where I am at today, so excuse me if this recap seems a little exhausted. I reckon it’s just me being tired from jumping up and down over yet another amazing episode of Total Divas. This season has been on fire, in so many brilliant ways, and Tuesday’s episode was no exception. We got to go backstage at the biggest event of the year, as well as see some of the WWE Hall of Fame, and we also got the fertility results for Braniel.

All of us wrestling fans, diehards and casual, wait all year for WrestleMania. Even if you don’t watch WWE on a consistent basis, chances are you still tune in for WrestleMania especially now that the WWE Network is in play. The main story was the spectacle itself, with the girls having a bigger role than ever before. As someone who has always advocated for the girls to have a chance to shine, this year’s ‘Mania was awesome.

Naomi and Natalya got a chance to have huge spots during the tag team match that kicked off the show. Both girls looked STUNNING in their outfits and I loved getting to see Naomi interact with her stepkids after the fact. They’re so cute and can I just say that I absolutely loved Jimmy Uso‘s little daughter’s fashion sense? She’s a Diva in the making, no doubt.

Before the show kicked off, Nikki, Brie, and Paige decided to walk out into an empty Levis Stadium and just soak in the atmosphere. It was Paige’s first WrestleMania, and at the age of 22 years old, she was understandably a little overwhelmed. Very few people get an opportunity to achieve their ultimate dream in life, and even fewer get a chance to do it at such a young age. Her emotions and reactions to everything that was happening that day touched my heart.

I don’t mean to sound sappy, but I got a chance to watch Paige perform before she got signed. Even as a teenager, you could just tell that the business was her life. She put everything she had into her matches, her promos, and also had the intangibles. During tag matches, she would still perform even when on the outside of the ring. If she was at ringside, she would still perform. She had the charisma and personality, and you just knew that she was going to be a star once she did make it to the WWE. I’m really proud of Paige, as a supporter of women’s wrestling and more importantly, as a fan of the sport.

I’m proud of the Divas in general, to be honest. It’s crazy, because this is quickly falling apart as a recap of Total Divas. I just don’t get the chance to watch the shows like I used too, and I definitely don’t have the time to talk about it I used too. For every girl on the roster to every single girl down in NXT, thank you for pushing and never giving up. Thank you for making everyone else hear you and acknowledge you, and have no choice but to pay attention. We are finally giving Divas a chance, and more importantly, the Divas are proving time and time again that actually, Divas do it better.

The match itself at ‘Mania had an anti-climatic ending, but some hilarious commentary from the peanut gallery as we got to see.

I think we all kind of knew Paige and AJ would win. The Bellas had been so strong and it was a fitting end to that particular chapter of their story.

The event went off without a hitch, which was nice, given the emotional state Nikki Bella was in thanks to a confrontation with Eva Marie the day before. Nikki wanted to have lunch with Eva and try to clear the air and they ended up finding a time to meet while they were both getting ready for the Hall of Fame. The conversation didn’t go well. Eva felt that as Divas Champion, Nikki represents the locker room as the leader. She felt that instead of staying silent, Nikki should have stood up for her and put a stop to the ambush that was going that day in Los Angeles. Nikki was a little shocked that Eva was blaming the entire incident on her. Needless to say, they resolved nothing.

Nikki was upset by the time she got back to Brie’s hotel room. She felt like Eva had basically spit all over the work she has done to become the champion that she is. Brie was pretty heated over the whole situation, and did not appreciate the fact that Eva had reduced her sister to tears.

I can’t help but wonder how many more tears will be shed once the girls find out Eva’s new secret?

As we found out during a dinner with her husband, Eva signed with a famous sports agent who represents the likes of The Rock and Ronda Rousey, two people we know very well. Not only are they icons for their respective sports, they’re crossover stars. Both are on television, doing movies, etc. Eva’s plan is pretty simple; she wants to be the baddest Diva to ever grace the WWE, and a huge crossover star. Time will tell if that happens or not.

The last thing we wrapped up this week is the Braniel baby drama. Both Brie and Daniel Bryan had fertility tests done, and both are more than fertile. With ovulation only happening two days out of a month, Brie made the decision to be with her husband on the road. That meant she decided to resign with the company.

Happy endings!

Can’t wait to see what trouble is stirred up next week. Until then!

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