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Total Divas Redux: “Divas on Overdrive”

Oy vey. Here’s my exact face after watching this week’s Total Divas.

Tuesday’s eppy of Total Divas threatened to destroy the majority of my brain cells. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but good grief. I wanted to throw myself in traffic by the time the episode was said and done. From Alicia Fox and Paige, to Queen Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan being awful (totally Team Nikki on this one), to Tyson Kidd being completely stuffy, I basically had it with all my faves.

We’ve all seen Daniel Bryan relentlessly pick on Nikki every time they are together. Sometimes it’s funny; like a brother-sister type of thing. But sometimes it’s a little to much, and this episode really irritated me.

I’m sure the editing exaggerated it a lot, but the teasing seemed overly mean in this episode, and Brie should have stood up to him on Nikki’s behalf.

Putting designer clothes in a barn was a little over the top for me, and Brie not really having any remorse bothered me. Nikki was getting increasingly agitated through out the episode. And what really bothered me was when Nikki chalked it up to being over sensitive towards the end of the episode. She’s not overly sensitive, there does need be a boundary of some sorts. But like I said, the editing was probably done to make the situation seem very extreme, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I just really hope it’s not a continuing trend in the episodes to come because if it is, I’m going to be really annoyed.

Total Divas has a bad habit of ruining people that we all love. Take Natalya for instance. On TV, she’s awesome. She’s a great wrestler and manager, and always looks beyond fierce. But on the show, I find myself wishing I could sometimes fast forward her parts. Not this week, though. She literally got a chance to live my dream. She took 19 stray cats into her home, out of the goodness of her heart, and decided to try and find them homes. Everyone knows that I am super single and destined to live with about 20 cats when I decide to grow up, so all those adorable, purry fur babies would have been welcomed into my home with open arms. I got to give a lot of credit to Natalya; as bad as she comes off on Total Divas, she has a big heart. And she’s basically ridiculously nice to everyone except her husband.

Normally, I take TJ’s side whenever he is fighting with Nattie, but this week I just couldn’t. See what Total Divas does to me? He acted like such a bad sport when Heath Slater ended up directing them to a strip club. He really did. Don’t get me wrong, I would be mad too if a ginger was riding in my car, but he was just trying to have some fun with everyone. Instead of just embracing the situation and going with the flow, TJ decided to go sulk in the rental car by himself, while Nattie showed off some impressive moves on the pole. When the night was over, she even thanked the strippers. So nice!

TJ finally had a talk with Nattie and come to find out, his biggest problem is the fact that she never says the word “No.” Fair enough. Some people are natural people pleasers and want to help everyone. Nattie definitely seems like the type. She promised her love that she would try and stand up for herself more, and even delivered on that promise when Titus O’Neil suggested that the group of them hang out at least once a week, lol.

Alicia Fox showed her true colors this week, as did Paige. The besties revealed that they were going to move in together, but Paige’s new boyfriend, Kevin Skaff, kind of threw a wrench into that plan. He also asked Paige to move in with him, seeing as how she’s always at his place anyway. She accepted and when it came time to tell Foxy, Paige handled it pretty terribly. Alicia’s reaction, however, was ten times worse. For a 29 year old woman, Alicia came off as incredibly immature and instead of taking it out on Paige (the person who bailed on her), Alicia took it out on Skaff.

He handled things as best as you could expect. What does a new boyfriend do in those awkward, best friend situations? And Paige and Alicia ended up having a huge blow up that got pretty ugly. As to be expected, they did eventually talk things out, and it became clear that Alicia was masking her jealousy by lashing out.

It’s quite obvious that she’s still carrying a torch for her ex-boyfriend, Wade Barrett (can’t blame her… I carry the same torch), and those are feelings that she has to find a way to deal with. It’s so hard to get over someone you have to see often, so I definitely sympathize with her.

All in all, it was an aggravating episode of the show. But because I’m sick in the head, I loved it anyway. Regardless of these people and their flaws, I adore them and I can’t wait for next week’s show. So like always, until then… =)

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