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    Total Divas Redux: “Tea Mode”

    Well, I’m pleased to say that this week’s Total Divas was much more bearable than last weeks! It’s the little things in life that matter, and when an episode doesn’t find fifty different reasons to make me want to tune out, I consider it a small victory. That being said, I don’t think I will ever be able to deal with any woman that Wade Barrett dates… especially super cute, super small, peppy brunettes that are nice to everyone. How annoying, right?

    Tuesday’s drama was split between two separate parts of the world; the United Kingdom and good ole Los Angeles. Eva Marie stayed back in LA while the men and women of World Wrestling Entertainment embarked on their first major tour of 2015.

    Eva’s big thing this week was a new photoshoot for her website. With the beatings she had been taken in training, Eva was understandably covered in bruises. The most noticeable were quite a few gnarly looking ones on her arm. Her idea to cover this was to do the photoshoot in white body paint. Before they started to paint Eva, she decided to have a few photographs snapped showing off her “war wounds” because she was proud.

    Later on, after posting the non-painted photo on Instagram, Eva was reading through some of the comments. Needless to say, some of them weren’t very nice. They were accusing Jonathan of being a beater, and naturally that upset Eva. Jonathan brushed it off and they went about their business. They got to dinner and after eating, Eva excused herself to go to the restroom. When she pulled her sleeves up to wash her hands, another woman who was doing the same noticed the bruises. She basically told Eva that when it came to abusive situations, she had options and that it was never to late too get out.

    Eva tried to explain that she was a wrestler, but of course the woman didn’t believe her. Stunned, Eva walked back to the table and told Jonathan what had happened. At first he was a little surprised, but then tried to rationalize it by telling his wife that the woman could have been in a similar position in her past. I suppose after the bathroom incident, Eva started to feel self conscious, so on the ride home, Jonathan gave her a pep talk about not letting people get to her. If she was proud of her bruises, she should them off. She seemed settled down after that.

    Meanwhile, in Europe… the girls were split between two different tours. Natalya and Alicia Fox ended up on a tour with recurring cast members Cameron, Emma and Rosa Mendes, while Naomi, Brie, Nikki and Paige ended up together on the other. Each tour had their own issues, of course! As we watched last week, Foxy is still running around, carrying a torch for her ex-boyfriend Wade Barrett, and was struggling to figure out what to do with those feelings. Meanwhile, Nikki wanted to fully experience British culture and invited Brie and Paige to join her for tea (complete with fancy hats).

    Paige’s idea of experiencing British culture was a lot different from Nikki’s, needless to say. She did enjoy the hat, but the whole tea party left the native completely uncomfortable. Her idea of enjoying her heritage involved going to pubs and eating fish ‘n’ chips, which she finally got to do with Naomi and our beloved Lana! Paige went as far as to call Nikki a fake, which didn’t sit well with the Divas Champ. Paige kind of based that off of Nikki’s background, having once worked at Hooters and been raised as a farm girl.

    Nikki and John Cena took Brie out for dinner for Brie’s anniversary (Daniel Bryan was on the other tour), and they talked about what happened with Paige. John brought up his humble beginnings and admitted that he enjoyed his lifestyle now because it’s what he’s worked for. Naomi, for her part, pointed out the age difference between Nikki and Paige, and how they were at different stages of their life, and eventually Paige came around to accepting what Nikki’s idea of fun was, as opposed to hers.

    Alicia also came around to the fact that Wade has moved and found love with someone else. But the build up to that was kind of fun to watch. She mulled it over with her friends, back and forth, as to whether or not she wanted to tell her ex-boyfriend that she still had feelings for him. Rosa told her not, so she wouldn’t look like a homewrecker.

    Nattie encouraged her to tell him because you never truly know what could happen. I found myself in the middle with this situation. I NEVER hold back my feelings for other people, and more often than not it has left me broken, so I definitely would be the one to take Nattie’s advice. However, I saw Rosa’s point of view clearly in this situation as well. It really wouldn’t have looked good for Alicia to tell Wade she still loved him while they were a million miles away from home, shoved together almost all day for two weeks, while his girlfriend wasn’t around.

    The two respective tours crossed over each other in London, and low and behold, Wade’s girlfriend came to the show. Alicia womaned up and introduced herself and both girls were actually really friendly with one another. The best part of that is that Wade stood in the background looking like a deer headlights, wondering how in the world this was going to work out. Alicia admitted that she only wanted what was best for ex, even if that meant him being with someone else.

    That man is so perfect…. it’s almost not even fair. =(

    I don’t know if we will have anymore King Barrett cameos this season, but our beloved Dawlf appeared backstage, half flirting with Nikki while she spoke with Paige. The previews have already teased what could possibly happen there…

    Stay tuned! Until next week!

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