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    Upcoming Impact Wrestling & TNA ONO Spoilers

    Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling as well as a future unnamed One Night Only PPV event.


    Impact Wrestling

    * Matt Hardy defeats Crazzy Steve. Steve says that he came alone but that the Decay is everywhere, including the Hardy estate and that Maxel is now Rosemary‘s Baby.

    * Knockouts Champion Maria Kanellis comes out and says tonight she is going to induct Gail Kim into the TNA Hall of Fame. Maria presents a video package of Gail’s “highlights” and a Hall of Fame gift for Gail that includes a picture of Maria with the belt. Allie says Gail is the best, tries to give her a gift but Maria takes the gift box and smashes it. Dixie Carter comes out and tells Maria as long as she is Knockouts champion, she can’t be the leader of the division due to conflict of interest. Gail will have her proper TNA Hall of Fame ceremony at Bound for Glory weekend. It is announced that Gail will be part of a Knockouts gauntlet match, where the winner will face Maria for the Knockouts title at Bound for Glory.

    * Matt Hardy, Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) and Reby Sky are out. They had an apocalyptic battle last week with The Decay. Decay apparently committed heinous acts to Señor Benjamin but failed to abduct Maxel. Decay are all over the building and say that Bram is gone because he would not join Decay, adding that Maxel deserves a family that is not broken. Matt says they don’t fear death, Nero says at Bound for Glory, Decay will be rendered obsolete in a “Great War” style of match.

    * Before the Knockouts Gauntlet, Maria replaces Allie with Laurel Vanness (Chelsea Green), who starts off the match with Jade. Gail Kim wins the Knockouts gauntlet match and will face Maria at Bound for Glory for the Knockouts title.

    One Night Only:

    * Grado & Jade defeated Eli Drake & Sienna.


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