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Today in History: AJ Lee vs. Paige, Brie vs. Nikki Bella at Hell in a Cell 2014

On this day in history:

October 26th, 2014 | Two big feuds had blow-off matches at Hell in a Cell 2014. First, Brie and Nikki Bella took their family feud to the ring, the stipulation ruling that the loser would have to be the winner’s personal assistant for 30 days. Nikki would win the match and quickly take advantage of her new helping hand, ordering Brie to make her a smoothie and then dumping it over her head.

Later, AJ Lee put the Divas Title on the line against her “frenemy” Paige. Though Paige’s mind games with AJ definitely took its toll, it was another fractured friendship that was the story of the match: Alicia Fox, trying to keep Paige from being counted out, tossed her into the ring and right into the Black Widow submission. After Paige submitted and AJ skipped away with the title, Paige took out her frustrations on the well-meaning Alicia, slapping her and storming off.

Also occurring today in history:
* 10/26/02 – Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson defeat John Cena & Dawn Marie at Rebellion 2002.
* 10/26/08 – Mickie James wins a Halloween costume contest voted on by the fans at Cyber Sunday 2008.

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