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Worst WWE Women’s Championship Reigns

Not every title reign can be stellar. Over the course of many decades, we’ve had many great champions-Trish, Lita, Ivory, Victoria, Beth, Melina, Molly...

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Rosemary wins the Knockouts title

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Tonight on Impact Wrestling’s main event, the vacated Knockouts Championship found a new title holder in Rosemary. The Demon Assassin won the belt by defeating Jade in the anticipated Six Sides of Steel cage match.

The previous Knockouts Champion Gail Kim had a front row seat for the match, in full support of Jade.

At the starting sound of the bell, both Knockouts slipped to the outside cage, where Rosemary took this chance to toss a trash can inside the ring.

Once both Knockouts found their way back to caged ring, the two battled for control of the match, with Rosemary running Jade’s face through the cage while Jade relied on rapid kicks against Rosemary.

When Rosemary attempted a coast to coast, Jade knocked Rosemary off her game by tossing the trash can to her and following up with an elevated hurricarrana.

Jade would then utilize the cage by ramming Rosemary’s to the walls of the cage.

Jade would use the cage environment to her advantage again by climbing the very top of the cage to hit a super flying cross body but it wasn’t enough to put Rosemary down for the three count.

Instead, Jade would go for another high flying offense but this time was blinded by a mist from Rosemary, who then delivered a Red Wedding F-5 to Jade, pinning her for the three count to win the Knockouts title.

What did you think of the match?

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