2017 should be the year of Toni Storm


If there’s any women’s wrestler today that is the best in the world in my opinion, it has to be Toni Storm. Her tenacity has gotten the attention of audiences and her current success in Stardom has gained international acclaim. Her dominance over in Stardom, currently holding the Stardom World Alliance Undisputed World Women’s Championship as well as the World Of Stardom Championship, is unheard-of in a Joshi promotion in Japan. She’s pretty damn amazing for a 21 years old, practically the women’s wrestling version of LeBron James. Toni has been in the ring for 7 years when she was just a teenager. Names like Paige and Cheerleader Melissa started out in their teens as well. With more experience as she goes along, she may be one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time. But she’s not there yet.

Toni is a solid wrestler that has shown signs of being able to work with many different wrestling styles; such as the STARDOM, British and the WWE/NXT styles. She just recently worked the WWE Mae Young Classic and from what I’ve heard she did very well. She has everything an international wrestling promotion would look for in a face of that promotion and a lot more. You can say she’s able to adapt to the surroundings of wrestling, but let alone be successful.

But there is a lot of flak about Toni that she doesn’t care about. Some folks think it’d be pretty accurate to call her the most over-hyped wrestler on the independent wrestling scene, whether it’s Britain or Japan or anywhere. Those folks just don’t get it, not at all. They may say that Toni has half-decent baby-face charisma, and she has a good snap German Suplex and a nice piledriver. The critics say she’s an incredibly middling promo, most of her other offense is mediocre, she’s not great at telling stories or structuring matches, and she’s very sloppy, considering she once broke Io Shirai’s neck off a piledriver. In all fairness, he’s worked extensively with arguably the best women in the world today and has barely had enough good matches to count on one hand between all of her bouts against them. For the critics, those things are as damning an indictment as anything; the inability to have a good match with even top-level talent. They say she’s just not good as a talent from their perspective. But to anyone who says that Toni Storm is over-hyped, her offense is mediocre, and she’s sloppy, they don’t know much about wrestling. Toni will be a huge star if and when she is signed to the major promotions, specifically WWE. Time will tell though.

Contrary to the praises given to this young woman from fans and other writers, I as a writer must keep a realistic grounding. I’ll never fully discourage anyone from wanting to do great things but to say a future with one of the big three is absolute may be a stretch. I have been impressed with Toni in all aspects of the sport. She is both athletic and beautiful, a perfect combination. She definitely has the talent to blow up a promotion with dynamite excitement and generate or expand on her fan following, and that alone says something. She should be one of the best today, if not all time.

What do you think? Is this be the year of Toni Storm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!