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Writers’ Choice Awards 2016: WWE Female Superstar – Charlotte Flair

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Diva Dirt presents its sixth annual Writers’ Choice Awards, as decided by the Diva Dirt team. As we come to the end of 2016, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice trophies.

WWE Female Superstar: Charlotte Flair

In order to be considered the best Superstar in WWE, you have be head and shoulders above the rest in many aspects:

  • Presentation (Gear, Entrance, Gimmick, Character, etc.)
  • Achievements (Championships, Memorable Moments, High-Profile Opportunities)
  • Superior Matches (Having several Match of the Year candidates)
  • Superior Promos (Having many segments that get great crowd reaction and full impact)

In 2016, NO OTHER woman touched Charlotte Flair in these areas which is why she is the WWE Female Superstar of the year.


Charlotte definitely stepped up her game in this department this year. She got rid of the Flaming Hot Cheetos tribute attire and debuted a new simpler, regal attire with the addition of her dawning her own version of her father’s robe. She gives you elegant heel, unbothered realness as she flips her way to the ring. Let’s face it, her entrance is pretty lit. Her entrance at Hell in a Cell was iconic and the best in the total presentation aspect of the women’s division this year.


Charlotte had a MONSTER year in this regard. Let’s list the ways she slayed the past twelve months. And to be honest, every time she has been given an opportunity, she always scores a home run.

  • WWE Divas Champion (and final)
  • 2x WWE Women’s Champion (and first of The New Era)
  • 2x RAW Women’s Champion
  • 2x RAW Main Event Championship Matches
  • First-Ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match
  • First Women’s Main Event on WWE Main Roster Pay-Per-View
  • First Women’s IronMan Match on WWE Main Roster
  • Queen of Pay-Per-View: 18-2 Overall Record, the best in WWE history

Superior Matches:

She had a thriller year of amazing matches. From championship matches, to tag wars, Flair proved that she can hang in the squared circle. These matches either brought the noise, the technical wizardry, the violence, the story, or all the above. An impressive list of a variety of great work in the ring.

  • vs Becky Lynch, Royal Rumble
  • vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks, WrestleMania
  • vs Natalya, Roadblock
  • vs Natalya, Payback
  • vs Sasha Banks, 7/25 RAW
  • vs Sasha Banks, 10/03 RAW
  • vs Sasha Banks, 11/28 RAW
  • w/ Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks & Bayley, Battleground
  • vs Sasha Banks, SummerSlam

Her match with Natalya at Roadblock in particular was a showcase of Charlotte’s strengths. As a heel, as a technician, and more importantly as a storyteller. Have a watch, this match is a MASTER CLASS.

Superior Promos:

2016 proved Charlotte elevate her mic work to new heights. She added an entitlement complex, an untrustworthy element, championship obsession, and faux royalty elements to her character. In fact, I think no other performer has had the growth and especially the execution as a heel to generate heat. For goodness sakes, she got heat in North Carolina! Here’s a few of Charlotte’s shining segments:

For 365 days, Charlotte was WWE’s MVP for the women’s division and overall for that matter. She had it all. The perfect presentation and execution of a character. A character with layers, intricacies, demension, and more importantly depth. And that has gotten her that much more over. She has achieved more in one year than any other woman in the history of the business. Accolades galore, Charlotte conqured and cemented a legacy and it is clear she is by no means done yet. She has delivered the strongest, most consistent performances in the company whether it be in a promo or a match.

All of the catty, petty, and quite idiotic internet drama aside, women’s wrestling fans will look back at 2016  and realize the magnitude of Charlotte’s year. The company gave the focus, time and attention to centering the flagship show around the women and made it’s top star a woman. And that, above all else is what we’ve fought for. WWE’s top Superstar is Charlotte because she has proven to be a valued asset to the company for all the aforementioned reasons. If you don’t like it, she’ll tell it better than I can: Woooooo.

Stay tuned for more Writers’ Choice Award reveals throughout the day.

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