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Today in History: Charlotte vs. Brie; Becky & Sasha vs. Naomi & Tamina at Fastlane 2016

On this day in history:

February 21st, 2016 | At Fastlane 2016, just a month before WrestleMania 32, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, were forced to put their differences aside to take on Sasha’s former teammates Naomi and Tamina. Elsewhere, Charlotte Flair dealt with the unexpected detour of a Divas Title defense against Brie Bella, who had plenty to prove, fighting for the honor of her sister Nikki and her husband Daniel Bryan, both of whom had been disparaged by the cocky champ.

After being isolated by Naomi and Tamina for much of the match, Becky managed to deliver the hot tag to Sasha, who tried to overcome a double-team scenario of her own. Though a Rear View couldn’t keep her down for the three count, Sasha remained at a disadvantage until Becky came to her rescue. In the end, it was Becky’s top rope dropkick delivered to both Naomi and Tamina that evened the odds, allowing Sasha and Becky to lock in stereo submissions – Tamina in the Bank Statement and Naomi in the Dis-arm-her – and earn a tap out victor.

In the Divas Title picture, Charlotte would win the match cleanly, even with her father Ric Flair at ringside and plenty of mind games to play, by forcing Brie to tap out to the Figure Eight after a worn down Brie couldn’t sustain a single leg crab submission

What are your memories of this moment?