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Reby Hardy discusses the Hardy family departing Impact Wrestling

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Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett weren’t the only wrestling couple to depart from Impact Wrestling this week. Reby Hardy and her husband Broken Matt Hardy along with Jeff ‘Brother Nero’ Hardy have also left the company.

In an interview with SiriusXM Rush, Reby Hardy discusses the family decision to leave Impact, what she loved the most of the Impact locker room and what she thinks the future holds for the company. Highlights of the interview below.

On rumors of the Hardy clan leaving Impact: “The rumors are true and I feel like people kind of had the general jest of a date when the contracts were coming up. Everyone had signed at the same time – there was me, Matt and Jeff under our own separate contracts and then you know, King Maxell, he’s a bonus. So everyone has been talking like ‘What’s going on? Are they signing? Are they re-signing?’ There was no confirmation either way and honestly up until a few days ago, we didn’t know if we were re-signing because we didn’t even get the contracts until like, gosh, like five days before. So, that alone I feel like was a real note of contention for the boys. I don’t care, I show up, I was happy to be there with my baby, the family together, that’s what is important to us.”

Her favorite part of working in Impact: “I’ve gone on record to day a bunch of times that TNA is perfect. Especially whenever anyone asked me in past, ‘Well, when are your guys going to WWE? Why don’t you go to WWE?’. Because its perfect in TNA, its the perfect situation for us. Our whole family travels together, we’re on TV together, we have a limited schedule, we don’t have to do a long distance thing. You know, I get to bring my kid to work. It couldn’t be more perfect than that”

On whether the future for Impact was bleak: “I honestly don’t think so. That’s kind of like going against myself I guess but I feel like TNA has such a hardcore audience of like ‘We want to see TNA originals. We want to see guys that TNA have made.’ That’s why guys like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles still have this hardcore TNA following. I feel like people love to see guys that have done it on their own, without the big machine and there is so much talent in TNA. So, so, so much talent that absolutely they can succeed. It’s just there is that other part of the audience that needs those big talents are already known and already behind. It’s hard to say but that locker room is amazing. 2016 was a hard year, there were a lot of rumors, a lot of gossip and a lot of negativity and everyone busted their ass. Most people didn’t care about the rumors and most people weren’t letting it effect them. They just went out and worked harder and I feel like that is the overall vibe of that locker room, which is why it was so great to be a part of.”

In her time with Impact, Reby managed the Broken Hardys and took part in a short lived feud with Rosemary and The Decay, that led to a special #DeleteOrDecay episode of Impact.

Reby also discusses the change in Impact management within the last few months, what she appreciated the most about Dixie Carter and the “Broken Universe” gimmick.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Will you miss the Broken Hardys on Impact? What are your favorite Impact memories of the stable? Were you a fan of the “Broken Universe”? Let us know in the comments below!

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