WWE 2K18’s roster this year boasts 30 playable women and now we’re getting a closer look at them in the game with a new trailer released by IGN.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse at several female Superstars including Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Bayley, Natalya, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, Naomi, and Asuka.

Members of the wrestling community on Twitter captured these screenshots:

Peyton showed off her character model on Instagram:

2K Games also released these screenshots of a completely remodeled Dana Brooke and newcomer to the series Mickie James:

And of course 2K Games showed off Trish Stratus:

To view a full list of the Superstar roster go here, here, here, or here.

WWE 2K18 will be in stores on October 17, 2017.

What do you think of the trailer? Who’s character model looks the best or worst? Who are you excited to play as? Who will you be creating? Sound off in the comments below.



  1. I glad to finally see Billie jay & Payton Royce. I love the attires also. I was hoping for Charlotte green wrestlemania attire, but I can deal with the light blue, since it does match with the mini tron.??

    Sasha banks attire i can dig it??

    Becky lynch I don’t know I’m not to crazy about. It’s to basic. They should have gave her the red attire, got rid of the jacket, just wear the “lass kicker” shirt to the ring.

    But I’m excited man???

          • She’s a decent womans wrestler sure …. Like she’s only a HW cos Sasha worked her ass out so… But hey I didn’t say they weren’t there I just said I couldn’t see how

          • Decent isn’t it. Incredible technical wrestler is what she is. Don’t give Sasha the credit for Becky’s star power…. Becky has gotten over on her own because of her charisma and talent

          • The credit goes to where the credit is due and thanks to Sasha’s genius in psychology and selling it prompted what even Becky fans can admit her breakout performance …. So if Sasha doesn’t deserve credit who does ? Becky gets her share of credit for execution but to underscore how important it is to have a tango partner as good as Sasha

          • Yea I didn’t say Sasha didn’t get any credit did I? I said she shouldn’t get credit for Becky becoming a superstar, because at the end of the day Becky put in the work. You’re right, it takes two to tango, yet you said “she’s only a Hw because Sasha worked her ass out so…” That’s like saying Bayley is only a Hw because of Sasha. You’re argument should be directed more to Bayley, since between her and Becky, Becky is the most interesting one that has managed to keep fans invested in her character

          • And went on to clarity what I meant by ” work her ass out ” by setting her up to deliver the performance she did. Scratch what you talking about with bayely Becky is the weak link in the faction it is known and I’ll tell ya how…. Where’s ha merch ? I get why Charlotte didn’t have any up until recently really but Becky’s BEEN a face with no merch no Becky sections no hey we want some Beck ….ay…. So with that being said and with confidence I could argue Sasha’s responsible for all their MOST impressive outings but I won’t you know what’s up

          • Um… sis Becky does have Merch wyd… I’d much rather see a Becky feud than a Bayley one. She has attitude and can speak properly when given the underdog role.. something Bayley can’t relate to because, she’s stuck in this “I’ve wanted to do this since I was 6” gimmick just like Sasha but, at least Sasha can drop in slight diversity here and there given the fact that she’s way better heel. Becky is that face gworl and really helped the SD Live division with the Alexa feud.

          • Your argument on “Becky doesn’t get any “hey we want some beck…ay” is like saying “Sasha doesn’t get any woo’s. That chant was created to show support for Bayley, not Becky

          • I’m not going to argue with the fact that Sasha is responsible for their impressive outings, but what I will not agree with you is that you’re trying to argue that Becky’s success is only because of Sasha and that without her, Becky wouldn’t be a HW because lets be real, yea Becky may not be the most popular Hw but she’s at least more skilled that Bayley in terms of Promo skills, they’re evenly matched in terms of wrestling

          • Unlike Bayley, Becky hasn’t been turned on by fans. And don’t try to argue that Becky had less horrible booking than Bayley because both of their booking has been atrocious. At least Bayley was able to enter Wrestlemania as Women’s champ and has had the opportunity to grab the ball and run with it but has failed at it

          • Ok but what do you mean “responsible” it’s not like she had to carry Becky. Put both of these girls in a match with anyone and they’ll make it look good as hell. That’s basically all the HW.

          • Don’t try to discredit Becky by saying she’s only a Hw because of Sasha. If anything, Becky and Bayley are both great technical wrestlers, just that Becky is better in terms of promo and character.

          • Bayely is trash on the mic but flip the channel to SD and by the end of this ” better ” promo Becky can cut I’m dying for them to send out Lana or Carmella anyone who can make sense of wtf she just said and I can’t stand Carmella but she cuts a better promo than Becky by a stretch too

          • I’m not saying Sasha doesn’t play a role in their success, but in terms of being the better package, Becky is miles ahead of Bayley. Becky can cut passionate promos that if you searched online, have earned her praise for being a passionate babyface. You can barely understand what Asuka said at the beginning but that didn’t make her worse than everyone else in terms of promo skills

  2. I can’t with the developers giving Trish the same damn onesie every single time she’s featured. It’s pretty iconic, but let’s be real. She’s had many more amazing outfits. Any of her wrestlemania outfits, her survivor series 2001 outfit, that ugly ass unforgiven 2005 outfit when she tagged with Ashley.


  3. How are people still just full of complaints? They’re not perfect but I think every model in the trailer looks good and I’m excited to play as all of them. I understand people not getting exactly what they want in the way of attires but sheesh, 2K did a good job this year. The amount of effort that goes into creating these games is completely overlooked by people who have nothing more to say than “I preferred X, Y or Z person’s attire from X, Y, Z pay-per-view.” Lighten up, buttercups. There’s a brand new graphics engine and everyone is looking good. If you still aren’t happy with this year’s offering because Nikki Bella’s attire isn’t purple and Sasha’s gait during her entrance is “too bouncy” then you don’t have to buy the game. Nobody has a gun to your head.

  4. The ladies look great! Its always a little disappointing when a superstar has the same attire as they did the previous year, but there’s a lot of people out there that make amazing attired you can download so I’m not too bothered about it.

    The game looks sooo mugh better this year. Not too long until it’s out now! Really want to see Naomi’s entrance!

  5. Yassss! I will finally hear the introduction “NXT Women’s Champion Peyton Royce” agghhh she looks flawless! Definitely my favourite! ?

    I’m so so happy with the women’s roster that we have, it was about time women are treated the right way in WWE. I hope they will update the models as well because Billie & Sasha don’t look as if they put some efforts in them during creation. Hopefully it’s just the trailer tho.

  6. Also it was reported that the gameplay looks just like you see it for the 1st time ever it will truly be amazing realistic graphics throughout. Although at the time they didn’t quite the good graphics for an 6-man match and it slowed dramatically said the guy from Forbes.

  7. There’s some things I noticed. When they showed Peyton Royce Billie Kay was in the background as a valet they didn’t have a tag entrance and there titantron didn’t have both there names on it.

    When they showed Nikki I don’t think her shirt rips but she is a little bit down the ramp.

    They updated Nattie has the smackdown women’s champion quick. I think that’s a first because there always months behind.

    Sasha Banks still have her 2K17 entrance the entrance she hasn’t moved or walked down the ramp like that since 2015.

  8. And why tf can I get a visual of Summer Rar, Emma and Paige with this new updated look? I hope Summer hair is finally long. Because they always deprive her in having good hair. She looks like Michelle McCool back in smackdowb vs Raw 08.

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  10. The models have been done amazingly. I can’t deny Mickie’s my favorite so far, following it by Naomi, Dana, Natalya, Charlotte, The Iconic Duo… honestly everyone looks good.

    I’m curious about Summer, Stephanie & Foxy’s models.