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Alicia Fox named captain of Raw’s Survivor Series Women’s Team

Tonight on Monday Night Raw Alicia Fox won a Triple Threat match featuring Sasha Banks and Bayley to be crowned the captain of Raw’s Survivor Series Women’s Team

Earlier in the evening, Banks and Bayley met with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle backstage who mentioned he was looking for a Team Captain to represent Raw Women’s Division at Survivor Series. Fox interrupted the meeting to argue she deserved the spot which led to Raw GM to book a match between the three Superstars.

Despite being double teamed throughout most of the Triple Threat match, Fox managed to pick up the by first delivering a Bayley-to-Belly on Bayley. She then set her sight on Sasha and tried to deliver a Scissors Kick but Banks was able to dodge it.

Banks would lock use the moment to lock in the Bank Statement but Fox managed to fight through it and instead send Banks to collide headfirst with Bayley. Fox went on to quickly covered Bayley for the three count and win.

PWInsider reports the leader of SmackDown’s Women’s Team will be determined in a five way match tomorrow night.

What are your thoughts on Alicia Fox as captain for Team Raw? Who else do you think will make the rest Raw Women’s Team? Who do you think will be named the leader of Team SmackDown’s Women’s Division? Let us know in the comments below!

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