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RAW Redux (October 23rd, 2017): Foxy to lead the RAW Ship… into the siege

At TLC, we saw Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Asuka all come out on top of their encounters, but it was very clear that business was not over for any of their opponents. With attention turning to November’s PPV, Survivor Series, it was only a matter of time until tensions between the rosters started… but no one expected it to happen so soon, so let’s find out what happened on the RAW Redux.

First up, we have a TLC rematch, stemming from Emma’s interview post-match at TLC. She wanted the rematch against RAW newcomer Asuka and tonight she gets another chance to make it ‘all about her’.

Much like their TLC match, it’s Asuka’s sneaky submissions vs. Emma’s straight up aggression. After pretty much being manhandled initially, Emma manages to catch a break when she throws Asuka into the ring post. Emma hits a nice Butterfly Suplex and a stiff lariat which gets her two nearfalls, but Asuka isn’t going to stay down that easily. A missile dropkick from the second rope allows Asuka the change the tide of the match and hits a back fist, a German Suplex and a running hip attack. She only gets a 2 count, but Emma tries to go for a roll up. Instead of kicking out of the pin, Asuka manages to put Emma in the Asuka Lock and just like TLC, Emma is forced to submit one more time. The Empress of Tomorrow remains undefeated and celebrates in the centre of the ring.

Asuka is interviewed following her match, describing how beating Emma twice has been ‘fun’.

Next up, RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is on her way to the ring following her successful title defence at TLC.

Alexa is quick to gloat about her victory over future Hall of Famer and “leader of the old folks’ home” Mickie James. She says it’s time to put Mickie where she belongs… in the past. Bliss talks about how her new focus Survivor Series and that she’s ready to dismantle crazy cat lady SmackDown Women’s Champion, Natalya. She’s ready to show everyone that there’s still one ‘Goddess of WWE’.

Alexa’s not happy though, she states that she still feels unappreciated and gets no respect. She wants to know where her chants are and why she can’t get that appreciation? Alexa claims it’s because the WWE Universe are jealous of her, so instead she wants to make it easy for them and wants to teach them a chant: “You deserve it!”. Unfortunately, the crowd aren’t as receptive as she wants and seem to be chanting anything but that.

Cue Mickie James’ theme, who makes her way down to the ring without a microphone in hand. Mickie has a smile on her face and shows that she’s not in the mood for talking, as she boots Alexa in the mid-section and hits her Mickie-T! Standing over the fallen Champion, Mickie states “Alexa… you do deserve it!”. Making her statement, Mickie exits the ring and shows that her business with the Champion is not over.

As the screen cuts to backstage, Bayley and Sasha Banks approach RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. Angle mentions that since the Champion VS Champion match takes Alexa out of play, he’s considering one of them to take the lead as the RAW Team Captain. That’s until Alicia Fox interjects herself into the conversation, who claims that she should be Captain since she’s been there the longest. As always, Angle wants them to ‘settle it in the ring’ (not ‘paper, rock, scissors as Alicia suggests’) and so he sets up a triple threat match between Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox where the winner will become the RAW Team Captain. Before they head off, Angle pokes a little fun at Fox’s minor botch at TLC where she tried to pin Sasha outside the ring, oh Creative aren’t you so funny…

Match time! As expected, it’s Bayley and Sasha as the faces, working against the newly energised erratic Foxy. She manages to ground both of them with her beautiful Northern Lights Suplexes and generally seems to stay in control of the match, tossing Bayley out the ring and working over Sasha. It’s only when Bayley and Sasha start to get on the same page that they start to out maneuver Foxy, throwing her out the ring several times.

When we come back from the break Alicia has managed to gain control again! Sasha gains some offence, but climbs up to the turnbuckle. Alicia stops her with a couple slaps to Sasha’s face and calls her ‘cute’ as she climbs up to go for a Superplex… until Bayley joins the party and they hit a Tower of Doom spot. Bayley only gets a 2 count on Alicia, but now starts to work on her, hitting a nice hangman neckbreaker through the ropes. Bayley whips her into the corner, but gets booted in her face by Fox! She only gets a 2 count… which causes Alicia to have a tantrum.

Alicia screams, “I don’t wanna play this game!” and slowly exits the ring. She talks over to the bell and starts ringing it herself. Is she ending the match herself? When the referee (who is the same referee she shoved to the floor last week) doesn’t want to end the match, Alicia enters the ring. Sasha pulls the bell off the apron, which distracts Alicia and allows Bayley to roll her up for a pin! Alicia kicks out, but walks right into a Bayley-to-belly! 1.. 2… NO! Sasha breaks up the pinfall!

Bayley doesn’t seem happy that her friend cost her the opportunity at the two start exchanging blows. Bayley gets the upperhand and flips Sasha over with a side slam and she looks ready to hit her finisher… but Alicia creeps up behind Bayley and starts imitating her? She then his her own belly-to-belly suplex (or is that a Foxy-to-Bayley-to-belly?) on Bayley! She tries to go for her Axe Kick on Sasha, but she dodges it and locks in the Banks Statement! Alicia tries to roll to the ropes, but Sasha flips them back into the ring and loses grip of the hold. In that time, Alicia throws Sasha into Bayley and the already hurt Bayley takes the fall as Alicia Fox gets the 3 and is crowned the Captain of Team RAW’s female team! I don’t think anyone was ready for that one and she even goes to kiss the referee!

Think you’ve seen all the women? Well, it’s not over just yet. RAW General Manager Kurt Angle takes to the ring to announce the male competitors for this year’s Survivor Series teams. However, before he can start, SmackDown General Manager Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring, but he’s got company… of the SmackDown roster! He takes to the mic to warn Angle that RAW is now “Under siege”!

The SmackDown roster takes to the backstage area and among them are Becky Lynch, Tamina, Money in the Bank holder Carmella and SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya. As the roster storm the locker rooms backstage, one of the first groups they cross paths with are Alexa Bliss, Emma and Dana Brooke in the make-up and hair area. All three want nothing to do with the SmackDown women and flee, making Dana Brooke an amazing meme in the process which is this week’s GIF choice.

After raiding and jumping some of the male Superstars, the roster bump into Sasha Banks, Bayley, Alicia Fox and Mickie James. Tamina, Carmella, Becky and Natalya square up to them and a brawl ensues. The SmackDown ladies get the upperhand as the RAW women are left laid out backstage. The Survivor Series battle has well and truly begun!

Thoughts: I have to admit that Survivor Series is one of my favourite times of the year and this siege (even though I don’t condone jump-a-hoes) was an explosive start to it. I’ve been a fan of the brand extension this year, so seeing this as the only real event where the brands go head to head and with so many amazing female talents on both the rosters, it’s a good chance to see some unique combinations.

Couple that with the night’s other shock of the night with Alicia Fox being given the Team captain role. I’m pretty sure 90% of us thought that Foxy would take the pinfall here, heck I didn’t even see her getting a slot on the team if I was honest, but this is a really good chance for her. Alicia’s revival of her character is just what she (and the division needed) for a wildcard competitor on the roster. I don’t know if Nia Jax will be in time for Survivor Series, but right now Alicia can be the unpredictable ex-factor that this match needs.

I was also a massive fan of tonight’s segment with Alexa Bliss and the assumed continuation of her feud with Mickie James. Alexa has really come into her own as a star on the microphone and has been the perfect opponent for Mickie and getting the crowd to rally behind her. Tonight’s promo was funny, got the crowd going and was just overall well delivered. I’m curious to see if Alexa is going to continue the veteran insults with Natalya?

So for the next few weeks, all the focus will be on who makes the teams and RAW is stacked with talent. With Alexa ruled out because of her match, we still Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Emma, Nia Jax, Mickie James, Asuka and Dana Brooke all available to get a spot. Although, this whole feud and match can be completely pointless if a certain someone’s Undefeated Streak comes into play. I personally feel that Asuka shouldn’t be one one of the teams, but we shall see what happens. Either way, I’ll be tuned in SmackDown to see what they have to say!

Were you happy with the siege angle? Are you looking forward to Survivor Series? Who do you think won’t make the cut? Can you photoshop Dana running onto something hilarious? Send through your thoughts in the comments!

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