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Results: Asuka survives, Charlotte Flair reigns supreme

Tonight at Survivor Series (Nov 19th), Asuka proved to be a survivor for Team Raw.

In a 5 -on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, the undefeated Superstar saw the rest of her team fall one by one until she was the last woman standing.

SmackDown Team Captain Becky Lynch gained some early momentum by besting against Raw’s Team Captain Alicia Fox but was the first to be eliminated after Bayley tagged herself into the match and rolled up the Irish Lass Kicker from behind.

Bayley was next after a Superkick from Carmella and a top rope splash from Tamina.

Nia Jax was third after being eliminated via count after a short run-in with a ringside Lana and taking three Superkicks from Tamina, a springboard cross body from Naomi and one more cross body by Tamina from the steel steps.

A back to back elimination would occur next when Naomi eliminated Raw Team Captain Alicia Fox but then found herself trapped in the Bank Statement from Sasha Banks, who forced Naomi to tap out.

Asuka was able to even the playing field by eliminating Carmella with a spinning kick to the face but then found herself in a two-on-one situation when Sasha Banks tapped out to the Sharpshooter from Natalya.

Despite the numbers against her, Asuka was able to take on both Tamina and Natalya and eliminated each of them via submission, picking up a big win for Raw.

Later in the evening, Charlotte Flair was able to pick up a win for the blue brand by defeating the Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

Early in the match, Alexa kept her distance from the newly crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion and attacked whenever she saw an opening. This included knocking Charlotte off the ring apron with a baseball slide and then landing a dropkick while on the outside that sent Charlotte to the steel steps.

From there, Alexa would focus on Charlotte’s ribs with submissions and kicks but the SmackDown Women’s Champion used her size advantage to fight back with a powerbomb and chops to the chest.

After kicking out to the Natural Selection, Alexa nearly picked up the win with a right forearm and Snap DDT combo but Charlotte was able to get her foot on the bottom rope to break the pin.

In the end, Alexa climbed the rope for a Twisted Bliss but Charlotte was able to counter by getting her knees up and then taking down the Raw Women’s Champion with a Big Boot. A Figure Eight would serve as the finishing touches as Alexa Bliss would tap out and thus giving a win to SmackDown.

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