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Raw Women’s Division gets their payback against Absolution

Tonight on Monday Night Raw (Dec 11th) Bayley and Mickie James (with Sasha Banks at ringside) took on Absolution’s Paige and Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville at their corner) in tag team action.

Prior to the match, Paige gloated on her big win over Sasha Banks last week and said her new mission was to run through more former champions in Bayley and Mickie James. Rose took to the mic to demand the spotlight and warned that Absolution were on a mission to purge the the entire division of those “unworthy”. Deville also chimed in to add that Absolution was synonym for carnage.

When it came time for the tag match, things started off with Bayley gaining control over Rose but the latter was able to make a quick escape when Paige made a tag. Once in, Paige would find herself backed into a corner where Bayley made a tag to Mickie.

The two worked collectively to set Paige up for a double suplex but Rose was able to make a save. The babyfaces remained focus and knocked Absolution to the outside where they continued to take out Absolution by flying off the ring apron.

After the break, Bayley fights out of Rose’s clutches with various elbow shots. Rose manages to find an opening to land a running knee strike A tag mad rapid knee strikes and then high running knee from the corner. Rose makes another tag to Paige, who placed Bayley on the second ropes to hit a set of rapid knees to the midsection.

When Paige went for another round of rapid knee shots, Bayley was ready and caught it to knock Paige face first to the ring apron. A hot tag is set up and both women manage to make the tag to their respective partners. James uses forearms, kicks and a flapjack to take Rose down.

Deville attempted to cause a distraction as James was climbing the turnbuckle but it was foiled when James kicked her away. James flied off the apron and connected a seated senton on Rose. Paige was able to run in to break Jame’s pin and even provided a super kick to James to allow Rose to steal the three count and win.

The Nia Jax and Enzo Amore saga continued this week as Jax was seen backstage eyeing the Cruiserweight Champion and suggesting that they should talk when he wasn’t busy.

Later in the evening, Asuka was set to take on Alicia Fox in a rematch from last week. Fox’s music played but the Foxy Superstar was a no-show. Instead Absolution came out to address Asuka after two weeks of toying with her.

Paige said she respected Asuka but warned her to move out of the way or they would make her move out of the way. Asuka was able to momentarily fend off Absolution but the group were eventually able to use the numbers game to their advantage.

As Paige was setting up Asuka for the Rampaige, the rest of the Raw Women’s Division would run down to take out Absolution and clear the ring of them.

What did you think of this week’s Raw? What are your thoughts on the ongoing Nia Jax/Enzo Amore interaction? What do you think will happen on next week’s Raw? Let us know in the comments below!

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