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WWE confirms Women’s Royal Rumble

Tonight on Monday Night Raw (Dec 18th), the WWE confirmed that at Royal Rumble 2018 we will see the first-ever all-women’s Royal Rumble match!

The announcement came during the six-woman tag match featuring Bayley, Mickie James and Sasha Banks taking on Absolution.

James and Paige started things off with James landed a combination of forearm shots and kicks to Paige. James then made a tag to Banks and the two landed a double suplex on Paige.

Paige managed to take Banks down with a kick after Rose provided a small distraction from the ring apron. Paige would send Banks to Absolution’s corner, where the group traded tags to keep Banks at bay.

After knocking Bayley and James off the apron, Paige ordered Rose and Deville to go after them leading to an outside brawl between the Superstars. Back in the ring, Banks landed a top rope seated senton on Paige. Rose ran back in the ring to make the save and Absolution continued their attack on Banks, causing the official to call for the bell for a DQ.

Nia Jax’s music then hit and she went after Rose and Deville, taking them down with a Double Samoan Drop. Paige found an opening to attack Jax from behind and took her down with a running knee drop, allowing for Absolution to continue their assault.

This brought the Raw Women’s division to go after Absolution until Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring to officially announce that the WWE Women’s Division would make history again in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.

Earlier in the evening, Alicia Fox took on Asuka in a rematch that was originally set to take place last week but was postponed due to Absolution’s attack on Fox.

Fox avoided Asuka in the early parts of the match. When Fox went for a kick, Asuka caught it and transitioned Fox into a headlock. Asuka would then go for an arm bar submission but escaped by rolling to the outside.

From the outside, Fox landed a high kick to Asuka and added Northern Lights Suplex upon re-entering the ring. Fox followed up by landing forearms to Asuka but this only fired up Asuka, who leaped to a turnbuckle to connect a missile dropkick on Fox.

Asuka would go on to pick up the win after hitting Fox with a roundhouse kick to the head and locking in an arm bar, forcing Fox to tap out.

Enzo Amore also met up with Nia Jax backstage after she arranged to meet him via DM. Jax was looking to finish up their conversation from last but was interrupted by Drew Gulak. Gulak wanted to apologize for losing his match against Cedric Alexander. Jax suggested rearrange their meeting so he could handle his current ordeal with Gulak.

WWE’s Royal Rumble takes place January 28th live on the WWE Network.

What did you think of tonight’s Monday Night Raw? Are you excited to see a Women’s Royal Rumble? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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