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Unexpected debuts

Michelle McCool, Joy Giovanni and Amy Weber

As mentioned, not all debuts are exciting, but these were definitely unexpected. Michelle McCool, Amy Weber and Joy Giovanni finished 7th, 4th and 3rd respectively in the 2004 RAW Diva Search which ended in September of that year. The women’s divisions across RAW and SmackDown were dire, but it seemed that the WWE had a plan in mind.

On November 18th 2004, on an episode of SmackDown just over 2 months after the Diva Search, McCool, Weber and Giovanni all debuted as ‘WWE Staff’ backstage. Michelle McCool was seen backstage helping Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam as a yoga instructor. Joy Giovanni was a massage therapist helping Carlito prepare for his US Title match. Amy Weber got the best deal as she debuted as part of John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield’s ‘Image Consultant’. All three of them probably got about 5 minutes of TV time between them, but a debut is a debut and they had all joined the SmackDown roster in WWE’s attempt to turn the Divas division to a more ‘appealing-to-the-eye’ set of women.

Weird to think if someone like Ember Moon made her debut giving Sheamus and Cesaro a yoga session backstage? Or if Asuka made her RAW debut… giving Enzo Amore a massage?

Just a couple months later, Weber would leave the WWE reportedly due to backstage ribbing. Giovanni lasted a little longer, but was quietly released after serving in t&a contests with the other SmackDown ladies. McCool went on to wrestle for 7 more years becoming a 2 time Women’s Champion, 2 time Divas Champion and 2 time Slammy Award Winner… not too bad for a yoga instructor?

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