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Unexpected debuts

Kelly Kelly

In May 2006, 19 year old Barbara ‘Barbie’ Blank signed a developmental contract to WWE. A couple of weeks later on June 23rd 2006, she debuted as ‘Kelly Kelly’ on the first episode of the brand new rebranded ECW. She had no prior wrestling experience and was now an active part of a wrestling show…

So the higher-ups made the decision to make her an exhibitionist with an overprotective boyfriend… Each week, Kelly Kelly would come out and begin a strip tease called ‘Kelly’s Expose’, where being an ‘exhibitionist’ she was supposed to strip down to the nude. Every week her on-screen boyfriend Mike Knox would run down to the ring and prevent her from revealing too much. Not only was Kelly not a wrestler, but she wasn’t much of a dancer or stripper either, which lead to some of the most cringeworthy performances that Kelly has admitted she hated on ‘Table of 3’.

Thankfully, these segments started to end and Kelly began being a normal valet for Knox. She learned that she didn’t need to take her clothes off at every opportunity and eventually became the WWE Divas Champion in 2011, once again not bad for someone who debuted with a month’s experience!

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