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Unexpected debuts


The RAW after WrestleMania has always been a big one for the men… but not so much the women. In fact, it’s usually been a massive disappointment that revolved in some sort of multiple women tag team match.

Fast forward to 2014 when that was all set to change when NXT Women’s Champion (at that time) Paige walked out on RAW and was offered a challenge by the then Divas Champion AJ Lee for her Championship. We all know the story about this one and saw how it put Paige in the spotlight, which she has kept a stronghold on throughout her career and once again with her surprising return to RAW.

With Paige a top talent in NXT at that point, this was probably expected right? Well it wasn’t… at all! If anything, Paige’s title reign was probably why no one thought she’d debut. She seemed to be starting a programme with an upcoming Charlotte Flair back in NXT and most thought she would have to drop the title before she left (which she eventually did). Also, AJ Lee was in the middle of a lengthy Divas Championship run – Naomi had been in a program with AJ which looked like it would pick up again in Singles competition, others thought that Tamina Snuka who was AJ’s bodyguard at the time would finally turn on AJ and others thought that Vickie Guerrero would try muscle her way in to takeover AJ’s reign.

What made Paige’s debut more unexpected is that we were in 2014 – we are all on Twitter seeing leaks of fans spotting talent at hotels, airports, venues. Sometimes the Superstars slip up and spoil hints themselves (sometimes on purpose) on their own social media. The WWE definitely got us with that one and it was an amazing way to start Paige’s main roster career.

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