On this day in history:

January 23rd, 2000 | The first (and only) Miss Royal Rumble swimsuit competition was held at the 2000 Royal Rumble. Competing for the crown were BB, Ivory, Jacqueline, The Kat, Luna Vachon, Terri Runnels and, in a last-minute addition, Mae Young. After dancing around the ring in a one piece and flashing her puppies to the judges, Mae was crowned the winner, demonstrating that it always pays to go the extra mile.

What are your memories of this moment?


  1. why ivory or luna had to be involved here was nonsense and ivory was shaking you could tell how bad she hated being apart of this mess.
    funny how bb was meant to replace debra but wasn’t anywhere near as over as debra.
    oh mae, this was way over the top.

    • That was the point with Ivory, that as a heel, she was protesting having to be a piece of meat, whereas the faces (especially Miss Kitty) had no problem with it. As a friend of mine once put it during that time, “The heels are uptight prudes and the faces are exhibitionist hos”.

      Back then, women were judged on their looks and how much skin they were willing to show. That’s why I refuse to rate women by their crowd pops, because you have to take into consideration WHY they’re getting them. Lita got them because she connected with the crowd (there were a lot of alterno-heads in the wrestling fandom back then, and her character resonated with them as “she’s one of us”), whereas Miss Kitty got them because she was a glorified stripper in front of a 90% young male audience.

  2. But lol at Luna and her smoker voice “I’m not taking my clothes off for you or any of these people” all while standing In a sheer robe that was barely connected in the front…….. Dead lol.