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Madison Rayne makes her ROH in-ring return

Madison Rayne made her impressive in-ring return to Women of Honor after several years away from the promotion. She takes on Deonna Purrazzo in her return match. This matchup has a lot of friendly feelings built into it as Rayne and Purrazzo have been tag teaming together throughout the indies. Purrazzo met Rayne 4 years ago and Rayne gave positive words and respect towards the newcomer.

The matchup starts off with back and forth action with several wrist locks, headlocks, and hammerlocks. Rayne tries to get an easy win by rolling up Purrazzo but Purrazzo gets out of it quick and stands right up. Rayne continues to try and get a quick pin by placing Purrazzo into the head scissors but Purrazzo again counters and ends up standing up and takes a bow. Purrazzo then takes control of the match by attacking Rayne’s left arm. She uses the ropes and her strong legs to target the arm.

Purrazzo continues her offense by kneeing Rayne to the face and goes right into the Russian leg sweep and goes for the pin. Rayne kicks out, much to Porrazzo’s surprise. Purrazzo then attacks her in the corner of the ring by driving her shoulders into the midsection of her opponent. Rayne then picks up her momentum and after trying to roll up Purrazzo a couple times she follows it up with a northern lights suplex. Purrazzo kicks out barely before the count of three and then Rayne hits her with a beautiful chance of Rayne! Purrazzo somehow kicks out again and ends up winning the match by using her impressive submission move, the Fujiwara armbar.

Rayne didn’t pick up her win in her return match, but the match was impressive nonetheless. A great show of respect after the match is shown when Purrazzo and Rayne shake hands and embrace in a hug.

Purrazzo is looking strong after her previous wins against Britt Baker and Karen Q. Could Purrazzo become the first ever WOH champion?

Who was excited to see Madison Rayne back in the WOH division? Do you think she will become the future WOH champion or will Purrazzo take that win? Sound off in the comments.

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