On this day in history:

February 19th, 2012 |  At the 2012 Elimination Chamber, Tamina proved to be more of a match for Beth Phoenix’s strength than any woman that came before her, but it wasn’t enough to win her the Divas Title. Beth would kick out of Tamina’s Superfly Splash and trap her in a surprise Glam Slam, taking out the second generation Superstar and retaining her title.

What are your memories of this moment?


  1. This should serve for people that claim that Tamina is ” sloppy” and can’t wrestle. This right here proofs that the WWE never capitalized on her talent and her skills which were at their peak right here. I wish Tamina would go back to being this agile in the ring but unfortunately injuries and age might not allow her although I still believe she can surprise us all. A great match that was very much a surprise considering the wrestling at the time and the opportunities women had.