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WOH star wants to become the first WOH Champion

More matches are set to take place this weekend in the Women of Honor tournament to crown the first WOH Champion. One of the leaders in the division is Deonna Purrazzo and IBI Times interviewed the WOH mainstay star about the landmark event. She discussed the women’s revolution, performing for ROH’s WOH division, and more.

On the women’s revolution: “I grew up wanting to be a women’s wrestler, and I grew up in a time where women weren’t showcased and they were valets and eye candy and the bathroom breaks. To see the whole transformation over the last few years of women becoming spotlights and main events and getting matches with time on TV, it doesn’t surprise me. Because that’s what I saw women could be in wrestling, and to see that come to light is a really accomplishing feeling.”

On ROH creating Women of Honor: “That first match was just supposed to be a dark match between Mandy [Leon] and I. Eyes weren’t supposed to see it, but it went well and it was well received. They put it up on the internet and people just liked the fact that there was another women’s match happening somewhere on a big level, and slowly but surely—it’s been a fight and it’s been a process—but I think we’ve really pushed ROH to invest in us. We’ve really had a hands-on approach in the women that get booked and the direction we see ourselves as characters going in.”

On wanting to main event an ROH show: “I don’t think that anyone gets into wrestling to not be on PPV and not be on TV. Everyone wants the best for themselves, so I think that when ROH is ready to put women on PPV, that first one is gonna be such an amazing step, but of course, I want to eventually be the main event.”

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