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Tips For Becoming A Woman Wrestler

More and more women decide to embrace a wrestling career, and for good reason. Wrestling organizations began offering both women and men equal opportunities in recent years, and the World Wrestling Entertainment system and the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling program are just a few of the strong arguments we could bring to the table. While some seem to have a very smooth and quick ride to becoming professional wrestlers, especially when they have the right contacts or when they have been already scouted at local wrestling events, others will still need to invest all their energy, will, dedication and persistence to initiate their journey.

If you are attracted by the thought of becoming a professional female wrestler yourself, you should know what are a few of the most frequent misconceptions regarding this career. Below we are going to provide you with a few useful tips and guidelines that should improve your chances of getting noticed by the right people.

Brush Up On Your Communication Skills

If you have decided to go pro and you are already mesmerized by the fascinating world of women’s wrestling and the superstars that are making it shine every day, you should know this:

  • wrestling is not just about taking down your opponent before they do
  • wrestling requires you to get friendly with your audience and win them over by your side, while gradually building your own fan base
  • you need to considerably improve your communication skills and become more open to creating bonds. A female wrestler with zero to very few fans will have an incredibly hard time going pro. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of the public wanting to see you in the ring. If there is no demand for you, you will soon fade away and be replaced by someone with more charisma and openness to communicate with fans and the general public.
  • You could watch a few old and iconic wrestling matches and carefully assess the personalities of the biggest female and male wrestlers out there. Pay special attention to the way they present themselves, the way they behave around their fans, and figure out why they are so adored by the people.

You may need to start using your favorite mobile device you normally used to play your favorite games of slots online to interact with your fans on your social media accounts. Get ready to organize live Q&A sessions or Instagram, post fun TikToks challenges, reply to comments, check out their fan artwork, and basically interact with the public as much as possible.

Get In Top Shape

Starting a career in professional wrestling means being in your best physical shape possible since there will be loads of physical contact that could potentially cause you to harm if your body is not fully prepared to withstand it. The majority of women wrestlers usually prefer to compete against same-sex opponents, but this does not mean that they do not need the extra strength and stamina to stay on their feet when on the receiving ends of their blows or when they need to pin down their opponents.

Get ready for loads of cardio exercises and start embracing as many healthy dietary habits as you can. If you are not a big fan of squats, you will soon need to become one, especially squat jumps, as well as chin-ups. “Girl, do you even lift?” is the type of question that should never be on your opponents’ lips.

However, being in shape does not mean having a certain weight or being what would be labeled as “skinny”. On the contrary, there are plenty of successful female wrestlers who are also pro athletes who focus on their nutrition, physical condition, strength, and weight management, while not worrying about the size of their muscles or the numbers on the scale. Wrestling has nothing to do with how much you weigh, and everything to do with how intense of a workout you complete every day and how much focus you are willing to put on mastering your own techniques. While being strong and bulky might sound like a good idea, in reality, it might prevent you from exercising your fluidity when moving around in the ring, making you less flexible and agile. A good wrestler should be incredibly agile, which is why most female wrestlers do not have the construction of a bodybuilder.

Finally, consider applying for a professional wrestling training school such as the Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center in Florida and get as much exposure as you can during organized events.

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