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    Toni Storm’s 600 day reign as Stardom Champion ends

    Toni Storm‘s career on the indies so far has been impressive – she holds multiple championships in various promotions.

    But now her 600 plus day reign as Stardom Champion has come to an end. A new STARDOM SWA Champion has been crowned after Viper defeated Storm at STARDOM’s Dreamslam event.

    Viper becomes the the third woman to hold the belt.

    Storm’s 612-day reign with the title ended when Toni kicked out of the Michinoku Driver and Viper pinned her with a body splash from the top rope.

    After the match, Jungle Kyona made a challenge to Viper to put the SWA title on the line on April 1 in Nagoya.

    Congratulations to the new champion and Toni should be so proud of her impressive reign!

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