On this day in history:

March 30th, 2000 | Much to the chagrin of those who loved to hate her, Stephanie McMahon earned (i.e. received) a shot at Jacqueline‘s Women’s Title. She didn’t seem too keen on wrestling Jacqueline, but a well-placed DDT by Tori rendered that unnecessary. With the entirety of DX by her side, Stephanie would pin Jackie and become the new Women’s Champion.

What are your memories of this moment?


  1. When she pointed that out that she beat Jacqueline for the title. I was furious. Cause they’re a few women that I can think of deserve to win that womens title more than stephanie, but didn’t.

    • Normally, I agree that titles shouldn’t be put on non-wrestlers, but Stephanie had nuclear-level crowd heat back then. Her becoming champion, then not defending the title for “74 glorious days” made her even more hated. During the feud with Lita, she slipped out the back door with the title (due to interference) enough times fans wanted her head, and when Lita finally defeated Steph for the title, the fandom rejoiced. Sometimes the journey is just as important than the destination.

        • More “undeserving” than bad. Stephanie always had crowd heat, even when she was supposed to be a face. In 1999, when she got drugged into marrying HHH, the original plan was for Vince to defeat Hunter at Armageddon and the marriage would have been annulled, but fans were booing her so badly at the house shows instead of sympathizing with her that they rolled with it and turned her heel.

          • Doesn’t “undeserving” mean “bad”? What’s the difference? You didn’t answer my question.

          • “Bad” and “undeserving” aren’t the same thing. Molly Holly’s first reign as Women’s Champion in 2002 would be an example of a bad reign that wasn’t undeserving.

            Stephanie wasn’t a wrestler, but she played her part as someone who knew she didn’t have a chance in a fair fight, but had a plan to win anyway, and it worked. It’s sort of like Bobby Heenan’s old line about how he “wrestled like a manager”, meaning he wasn’t supposed to be that good, knew he was going to get his a$$ kicked and did everything to avoid it.

            Kelly Kelly being Divas Champion in 2011 was a different story. Kelly was popular, but she just wasn’t believable as someone who could beat Beth Phoenix clean. That was considered by many to be an undeserved reign as champ, and some have even called it the point where the women’s division hit rock bottom. Had WWE gone through with making Stacy Keibler champ in 2004, or Eva Marie in 2016-17, it would have been the same thing.