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    Ivory inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

    It is a great honor and privilege to enter any sort of Hall of Fame for your talents and accomplishments, the WWE is no exception. Last night, Lisa Moretti, known mostly as Ivory, joined the Hall of Fame class of 2018. Ivory was an important woman during the infamous Attitude Era and is considered a pioneer by many of this industry and its fans.

    The former three-time WWE Women’s Champion and original GLOW girl was inducted by her good friend and a former two time champion in her own right, Molly Holly.

    Holly started the induction by boasting about Ivory’s illustrious 20-year career. She went on to say that Ivory’s career did not only impact a pinfall in the ring, Ivory was a big contributor outside the ring as well. Holly shared an emotional story about how just two days after September 11th, 2001, the Superstars were given the option to compete or not due to the horrific events that just had occurred. Holly stated that Ivory not only wrestled once that night but twice, in hopes of some escape from the reality of the current event. Ivory was and is a beacon of “encouragement and hope”.

    Holly concluded by telling a short story of when Ivory climbed up on a hotel dresser and after Holly body slammed Lillian Garcia onto the bed, Ivory leaped off the top of the dresser onto Garcia. It was frog splash, that Holly declared, would make the Guerrero family proud. This occurred just a few days after the above mentioned event that rocked the nation. After telling the story, Lillian Garcia came out to introduce Ivory.

    Ivory starts her speech by telling some stories she shared with both Garcia and Holly and thanking them for their friendships. She then talked about her closeness to New Orleans and how her career as Tina Ferrari in GLOW started her career and now being inducted into the Hall of Fame in New Orleans has made it come full circle.

    Ivory then gives her respect to the ladies of the WWE stating that they have “come a long way”. She went on to say that back in her days women had to fight for limited space in a male dominated environment. She boasted about how strong the attitude era division was back then with such talent as Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Stephanie McMahon, Jackie, Molly Holly, Victoria, Terri, and Gail Kim. These women were an inspiration to the current division and Ivory stated that she is proud to be a “sister” to all of these ladies and thanked them for their hard work.

    Ivory gets some roasting in of her very own and gears it towards Ric Flair. She exclaims that being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a once in a lifetime opportunity, unless you are Ric Flair. She follows it up with the fact that it is a lot like a marriage, a once in a lifetime opportunity unless, of course, you are Ric Flair. After this, Ivory then goes on to say how she has never been married, but considers this event like her wedding. She broke down each aspect of a wedding and how her career, and being inducted, fit into each component. She was told to buy an evening gown for the Hall of Fame event and declared that the words “evening gown” meant something different back in the day for the women of the Attitude Era.

    As Ivory continues to explain how this event is similar to a wedding, she mentions how their would be some dirty dancing at the bachelorette party. This prompted the right to censor alarm sounding. After this, she said a “toast would be made” to those that are no longer with us, Mount Fiji, Big Bad Mama, Tara the Southern Belle, Princess Jasmine, all from GLOW, Luna, Chyna, Mae Young and Moolah. As she concluded her speech, she concluded how a wedding ceremony would end and thanked the WWE Universe, her family and colleagues for being her witness. She raised her fist with her Hall of Fame ring on, and exclaimed, “with this rin,g I thee wed”.

    After the event, Ivory took to Twitter (which she just started in preparation for this event) and declared her excitement for the Charlotte Flair vs Asuka match this Sunday:

    WWE took to Twitter and described Ivory in just 3 words: Dignity, Class, GLOW:

    After her Hall of Fame induction, Ivory, joined by Molly and Lilian, reminisced about their time together in WWE and their roles in the Women’s Evolution.

    From everyone at Diva Dirt, congratulations Ivory on being the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame!!

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