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Results: Nia Jax wins the Raw Women’s Championship

During tonight’s second Women’s Title match at WrestleMania 34, Alexa Bliss’ 223-day reign as Raw Women’s Champion came to an end as Nia Jax defeated her former friend to capture the gold.

Mickie James joined Bliss at ringside for this match but was taken out of the mix by Jax via Samoan Drop from the outside before the official bell rang.

Back in the ring, Jax dominated the match early on, tossing Bliss across the ring and a corner splash. Bliss slaps Jax across the face but Jax brushes it off. Jay grabs a hold of Bliss and tosses her across the ring.

After being dropped by Jax, Bliss tried to walk out of the match but Jax prevented this. She tossed Bliss back into the ring but was blinded when Bliss landed a cheap eye poke.

Jax misses the big boot and Bliss takes the moment to knock Jax off her feet by landing knees to the back of Jax’s leg. Jax counters out of a guillotine attempt with a suplex.

Jax follows up by charging after Bliss but misses and hits the ring post instead. As Jax rolls to the outside to regroup, Bliss climbs to a top turnbuckle for a Twisted Bliss.

The women make it back to the ring where Bliss sends Jax face first to a turnbuckle. She then toys with Jax, mocking her and hits the DDT for a two count. Bliss adds insults to injury when she begins to slap Jax across the face.

Jax begins to make a comeback but another eye poke from Bliss allows for some separation. Despite the cheap shot, Jax manages to put Bliss away via a Super Samoan Drop from the second rope to capture her first WWE Women’s Championship.

In a post-victory interview, Jax says she hopes that her win can serve as a message to all young fans around the world to be able to stand up for themselves:

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