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The Two Most Prominent MMA Fighters Of The Decade


In the era of the pandemic, we miss our MMA matches dearly. With some fights already rescheduled for this year, and only a minority of what was planned reaching our screens, we are yet again disappointed. Nonetheless, the US government is planning on finishing mass vaccination by the end of summer, and we can expect our favorite athletes to return fresher than ever.

There have been hundreds of prominent fighters throughout history, ranging from all kinds of different sports. MMA is still a young sport, but it has gained enormous popularity in a short period of time. TrueNorth Casinos in Canada attributes the increased interest in the sport to the fact that online bookies now offer a full range of MMA betting markets on all major MMA events around the world. Its exciting nature and broad reach have helped shape the sport into what it is today. In 2006, this sport surpassed the traditional box in viewers and revenue. From that moment, Mixed Martial Arts are only exploding in popularity. In this post, we are going to discuss the best fighters of all time, using all the available statistics in the past three decades of the sport.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Only a few single individuals in UFC history have remained undefeated through their whole career, and do you know anyone else who has won a Champion Title without a single loss, in any recent time? Nurmagomedov is definitely one of them, if not the only one. To tell you the truth, we are going to mention another fighter with a similar record, but he’s from a different UFC era. 

While Khabib may be retired, nobody can tell for sure. He promised his mother he would step down from the octagon for good, but he is only 32 years old. He’s got another ten or so good turns around the sun, and plenty of time and opportunities to return and defend his title against other contestants. 

The welterweight class is going to remain a hot topic for years to come, and this fighter will always be remembered as one of the greatest. So what if somebody takes the title this year? They wouldn’t be able to win it from Khabib, only from other opponents who haven’t battled him as well. The only path to truly become a champion will be to somehow lure him back into the ring. He doesn’t have an underdog story or arising from nothing tale. Khabib’s family, his dad, and his uncle, in particular, were prominent martial arts artists. He won all the fights back in Russia, and then Europe. Coming to the UFC with a 16-0 record doesn’t happen too often. If you’d like to learn more about Khabib, give an article by a thorough read. They love him in the Middle East, and the post is worth a few clicks to translate to English.

George St. Pierre “Rush”

While Nurmagomedov does have a better score, and there are many players who have finished fights with more style. He has two UFC titles, but so does American DC (Daniel Corner) and Brazilian Henry Cejudo (known as “The Messenger”). So what sets him apart from everyone else, and why is he regarded by many to be the ultimate contender for the GOAT UFC champion?

Being the most powerful fighter of all time is no easy task. Not only in UFC or even the MMA as a whole, but Rush is also one of the most brilliant martial artists of all time. During the first part of his two-decade career, he dominated the 77-kilo class, always coming back after his opponents. When he lost, we knew he would win the next time. And he did it, again and again. He won every famous welterweight of that time, some repeatedly. No one player escaped him. St. Pierre remained at the top, and he didn’t let anybody else even close to his title. 

Unlike Nurmagomedov, George was actually capable of losing. He lost decently, but he always came back to the top swiftly, and even with more grandeur. Everyone who faced this fierce Canadian knew that they were going to have to do it again and again. Rush was unstoppable, and his winning streak seemingly had no end. And when they did end twice, it was only for the shortest period of time imaginable. When he fought; he didn’t just grapple and beat his opponents. He destroyed them, physically and mentally. Quick in his actions, he suppressed all attempts to resist him.

Had he finished his career when the first decade ended, George St. Pierre would still be the greatest of them all. But after a four-year hiatus because of disease, he came back and won another champion title, this time in a different weight class. Proving to everybody that he can beat anyone, he finished his career on the highest spot. You can find all of his statistics on this website. There is a history of all of his fights there, and they are also freely available on YouTube.

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