On this day in history:

April 15th, 2007 | Dubbed a “Six Sides of Steel Catfight”, the match between Gail Kim and Jacqueline at 2007’s Lockdown was decidedly more of a brawl. Before they were even locked in the cage, the two fought outside the ring, tossing each other into every structure they could find. It didn’t get any less brutal when they finally entered the cage, the match culminating with Gail scaling the side of the cage, only to leap from the top to hit Jackie with a crossbody. Gail pinned Jacqueline and left the “catfight” victorious.

What are your memories of this moment?


  1. I completely forgot about this feud and it’s sad that I did.I remember watching TNA on saturday nights at 11pm when it was only an hour show.We barley had any women’s matches back then and I think this was one of the first women’s feud on the show before the Knockouts title came in.