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    IWA Mid-South crowns reactivated Women’s Champion

    Last night IWA Mid-South held a tournament dubbed Miss Independent to crown a new champion after reactivating its Women’s Title. Shotzi Blackheart would overcome three match ups to become the inaguaral champion!

    Results are below:

    First Round
    Nevaeh def Delilah Doom & Christi Jaynes
    Kikyo def Dementia D’Rose
    Shotzi Blackheart def Hudson Envy & Facebrooke
    Allie Kat def Amazing Maria & Ruby Raze

    Second Round
    Kikyo def Nevaeh
    Shotzi Blackheart def Allie Kat

    Non Tournament
    Rain def Shazza McKenzie

    IWA Women’s Title Tournament Finals
    Contested under Old School IWA Rules (no DQ & no countout)
    Shotzi Blackheart def Kikyo by submission to win the IWA Women’s Championship

    Shotzi sent out a tweet celebrating her victory:

    Diva Dirt sends its congratulations to Shotzi Blackheart on her win!

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