On this day in history:

May 10th, 1999 | Acting Commissioner Shawn Michaels booked a Women’s Title match pitting champ Sable against Debra, but gave it a “twist” in making it an Evening Gown match. Distraction by Val Venis allowed Sable to rip Debra’s dress off before she even knew what was happening, and she was victorious. However, Shawn appeared to inform Sable that he, in hindsight, was changing the rules of the match. He was so impressed by Debra’s “puppies” that he decided the winner would be the woman whose evening gown was removed. That meant that Debra won the match and therefore was the new Women’s Champion.

What are your memories of this moment?


  1. Shame this is what the Women’s Division was at the time winning the Championship by disrobing yourself. Sable was totally caught off guard with getting her title taken away as she refused to relinquish it or drop it to someone else.

    Sable made one last appearance at an UK PPV where she was set to face Tori before Nicole Bass stepped in her place and claimed she had “a cold” and walked out of the WWF.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if they did something along the lines of what happened in December 1983 when they wanted to take the title off Bob Backlund in preparation for the crowning of Hulk Hogan the following month. They came up with multiple finishes in case Backlund decided to go into business for himself, and they put him in the ring with the Iron Sheik, someone who could handle himself (former Olympic wrestler, former bodyguard for the Shah of Iran) if that became the case.

  2. We’ve come a long way ladies and gentleman, this was how the women were treated back in the day. The womens Championship can change hands by basically stripping down to their underwears. Thankfully we’ve moved on and hopefully never go back there.

    • Not only that, they should have let Luna do whatever she wanted in the ring, so she could finally give that egomaniac the beating she had coming. Since Sable was leaving soon anyway, there was no reason to protect her anymore.

      • Well technically that may have helped Sable’s claim of “unsafe working conditions;” so I can see why they wouldn’t go that route. But they could’ve at least given the title to an ACTUAL wrestler. I liked Debra, but she didn’t deserve the title.

        • Right! They could’ve easily gave it to Luna or Tori. Both were the ones who should’ve ultimately taken the title off of her.

          But I honestly think that they did because Sable didn’t expect it and she was hi-jacking the title when they tried to give it to Luna, so I get why WWE went down this route. If Sable was booked against Luna or Tori, she wouldvew known something is up. She’s an egomaniac, but she’s not a dumb girl.