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Five Dream Matches for WWE Evolution

3. The Bellas vs. The IIconics

The Bellas were once the face of the “Divas” division after AJ Lee retired in 2015, and have been a cohesive tag team throughout their careers barring the mini-feud they had when The Colons were feuding with The Miz and John Morrison over the Tag Titles and that awful 2014 angle that we’d all love to forget.

They have become a brand and one that has gotten some crossover appeal. Enter the IIconics. A cohesive team that has been together for a few years now and the two women have been long time friends. They have a very strong bond and a unique, if not, incredibly deep moveset much like the Bellas. The match up could be for the rumor has it, renewed Women’s Tag Titles, with the IIconics winning over the old guard, it can legitimize them and the titles.

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