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Five Dream Matches for WWE Evolution

1. AJ Lee vs Stephanie McMahon

Ever since their face-off in 2013, fans have been clamoring to see them face off. Add in AJ Lee’s trolling of Stephanie McMahon and her playing arguably the biggest role in the Women’s Revolution and #GiveDivasAChance among women in WWE, AJ has retained a loyal fan base. With the WWE including her in a poll that sees her far and away winning, we want to see AJ in one more match against Stephanie.

Stephanie as a non-wrestler has been known to put on a very good match, note Ronda Rousey and Trish as examples. Her Match with AJ won’t be a classic, but it’s something we’d want to see. The woman who stuck her neck out for women’s wrestling against the establishment against the woman who is part of the establishment who kept the women down.

Honorable mentions:

Any matches you’d like to definitively see? Sound off in the comments!

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