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    Results: STARDOM 5*Grand Prix Day 4

    STARDOM’s 5*Star Grand Prix continued this past weekend on September 1. Below are the results from Day 4 and tallies for the tourney so far.

    Singles Match
    • Natsu Sumire defeats AZM (9:51)
    Four Way Tag Team Match
    • Jamie Hayter & Kimber Lee defeat Hanan & Shiki Shibusawa and JAN (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora) and JAN(Leo Onozaki & Ruaka) (8:17)
    Red STARS
    • Rachael Ellering [4] defeats Konami [4] (7:39)
    Blue STARS
    Blue STARS
    Red STARS
    • Kagetsu [6] defeats Utami Hayashishita [4] (13:30)
    Goddesses Of Stardom Title Match
    • Mayu Iwatani & Saki Kashima (c) defeat Starlight Kid & Tam Nakano (15:45)

    Current Standings:

    • Red STARS:
      • Kimber Lee [2] Kagetsu [6] Jungle Kyona [6] Rachael Ellering [4] Natsuko Tora [0] Tam Nakano [2] Konami [4] Utami Hayashishita [4]
    • Blue STARS:
      • Momo Watanabe [6] Hazuki [4] Jamie Hayter [4] Kelly Klein [4] Nicole Savoy [6] Natsu Sumire [2] Mayu Iwatani [4] Saki Kashima [2]

    The tournament continues on September 8 and 9 and will feature:

    September 8th:

    Red STARS:

    • Jungle Kyona vs Kagetsu
    • Natsuko Tora vs Rachael Ellering
    • Kimber Lee vs Utami Hayashishita

    Blue STARS:

    • Nicole Savoy vs Mayu Iwatani
    • Saki Kashima vs Momo Watanabe
    • Jamie Hayter vs Hazuki

    September 9th:

    Red STARS:

    • Utami Hayashishita vs Jungle Kyona
    • Kimber Lee vs Konami
    • Tam Nakano vs Natsuko Tora

    Blue STARS:

    • Hazuki vs Momo Watanabe
    • Natsu Sumire vs Saki Kashima
    • Jamie Hayter vs Kelly Klein

    What do you think of these results? Are you watching the tournament? Who do you want to see win? Sound off in the comments below.