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MYC II: Week IV Review

Taynara Conti vs. Jessie Elaban

Next we Taynara vs Jessie. Let me tell you something, Taynara actually impressed me last year, and she improved so much since she made her debut, and she feels she’s going all the way. We see the effervescent Jessie who describes herself as goofy and clumsy, so this will a contrast of styles.

Up first is Jessie, her theme is awesome, and then an equally dope theme announces the arrival Taynara, complete with a Gi over here outfit, she’s also a Blue Belt in Brazilian Joy-Jitsu. Jessie extends her hand, Taynara bows. Tie up into a Greco-Roman knuckle lock straight into a Judo throw by Conti, she repeats the move again. She’s feeling herself. Jessie charge is met with a waistlock. Standing switch. Another, back elbow and back heel kick by Jessie knocking Conti to the floor. Jessie follows it up by kicking Conti in the chest, walks on her and hits a senton off the ropes for two. Conti is laying in wait in the corner, Jessie charges leaving her feet and is shoved mid-air into the ropes. She wraps Jessie’s left arm in the rope and begins an illegal assault on it. Conti backs off, comes in for some more, only to be shoved away by Jessie, who gets caught in a back heel trip for two. Another pin, another two, a third, same. Conti stomps on Jessie’s hand and locks a submission into a modified Fujiwara armbar with Jessie’s hand bent back.

Jessie makes it to her feet, but not for long, and is brought back to Earth by Conti, she rolls through and continues using her Fujiwara armbar. Jessie counters into a crucifix of sorts, breaking the hold. Taynara with a full head of steam to be met with a forearm. Another. And that makes Taynara ALL THE WAY angry. She shouts “Are you crazy!?” and kicks Jessie in the stomach, bars her arm, and drags her to the ropes where drags the webbing of Jessie’s fingers across the third rope. Back elbow by Conti, kick to the ribs into the corner, she then stomps her. She looks to drag Jessie out of the corner, but Jessie holds onto the bottom rope, so Conti punts her in her side again.

She aims a kick, and misses Jessie and hit the bottom rope/turnbuckle. A kick from Jessie, a double leg take down, and a slingshot sends Taynara face first across the ring. An awkwardly placed dropkick from Jessie followed with a second, a forearm knocks her down, she hits a flying forearm into the corner, kicks a downed Conti and goes for the cover. Two count. Vertical suplex attempt is blocked by Conti pulling Jessie’s hair, she’s then hoisted into another judo position into a spinning side slam for three, and an overcome Conti advances!

More with Conti in wanting to make Brazil proud.

Thoughts: Taynara, Taynara’s she’s got it, she’s got it! I feel like with some polish, this young lady will be a total package, she has good looks, charisma, and a unique and deceptively powerful moveset, and she essentially routed Jessie. Jessie did put up a good fight, but where I think it fell flat for me was they pretty much fed her to Conti, and none of her gimmick really came through. I was disappointed because I wanted to see Conti use her overhead Judo throw on Jessie, sad face. Overall, the match served its purpose, especially for two relative rookies, they did well, the match was good for what it was, and I expect interesting things in the future from them.

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