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MYC II Week VI: Live Free, Fight Hard

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Xia Li

Next, we have Deonna Purrazzo against my personal favourite, Xia Li. The Virtuosa against Martial Arts Goddess. Out first is Deonna, and I’m here for the jacket. Out next is Xia Li, and the crowd is into her and her theme, and the red is a good look on her. Deonna is unimpressed.

Handshake. A bow from Xia. A tie up, we see some of Xia’s athleticism on display early on, and they exchange holds. Deonna shows off while exiting a head scissors, trips up Xia with a drop toehold and la magistrals her way to a two. Armbar early, Xia Li isn’t here for it. She uses hard, stiff strikes to keep Deonna at bay and then a thrust kick to the stomach, leg drop, elbow drop, two. Li whipped into the corner, hits what looked like a maybe front or modified crescent kick then thrust kicks Deonna in the chest. Purrazzo with a hip toss, backflip and dropkick. She then goes to work on Xia’s arm. She knocks Xia down for two.

They exchange strikes but Purrazzo with an upper hand and gets in the armbar that Xia counters into a crucifix but she’s met with a single arm DDT. Deonna is putting the torque on the arm and Xia gamely fights her off and knocks Purrazzo down. Chops are exchanged, then punches. Xia goes for a kick, is backflipped out, and hits a roundhouse for two. Not an enziguiri, Cole. Xia brings the heat until she’s picked off mid-air into the armbar and Deonna takes it further with a satellite forcing Xia to tap.

More from Deonna backstage with a self-made mission to win the Mae Young Classic, no matter how many competitors’ arms she needs to break along the way.

Thoughts: This was a solid match, and given Xia’s lack of experience, she was outstanding. She showed off some new moves and looked so confident in the ring, and Deonna was the perfect choice to bring the best out in her. This was a well-fought match. Their conflict in styles made it very interesting. Xia is no frills, while Deonna is a showboat with a mean streak. Very solid effort.

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