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MYC II Week VI: Live Free, Fight Hard

Nicole Mathews vs. Tegan Nox

Next we have Michael Cole’s favorite Tegan Nox vs. Nicole Matthews. Both women tout what they bring to the table in a short video package. Out first is Nicole Matthews in some of the most unflattering attire I think I have ever seen. Out next is Tegan Nox and Cole has lit up as soon as her music hits.

The match is underway, handshake, Matthews has the advantage early but Tegan fights back. She gets clobbered during an attempted suicide dive and pummeled with kicks to the chest on the apron. Matthews presses her advantage with chops and a corner dropkick for two. She continues with kicks to the back, Tegan returns the favor, Nicole does the same, then pummels Nox’s chest into a straitjacket. Tegan gets ups and is floored and then Northern Lights Suplexed. Nicole goes for a lion tamer which Tegan fights out with strikes. Nox headbutts the holy hell out of Matthews, follows in with a cannonball and a Shiniest Wizard and that’s it.

More with Tegan backstage who looks forward to her Quarterfinal Match against Rhea Ripley.

Thoughts: I was disappointed. Nicole Matthews has twelve years’ experience and Tegan Nox was being hyped huge around the world. All of their matches for me have left a lot to be desired and left me asking “Is that it?”. The match had no real fire to it and it felt rushed. Bell to bell it was what, four minutes? I thought I was back in the Diva’s Era again. Now, I have to say the match was solid but it just fell flat of my expectations. I’ve yet to see what the hype about Tegan is all about and since I know she gets injured, it’s unfortunate she didn’t get a chance to maybe show out.

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