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MYC II Week VI: Live Free, Fight Hard

Kaitlyn vs Mia Yim

Next is our main event, the Blasian Baddie vs. the Hybrid Diva. Mia gives Kaitlyn her props but warns her she has never faced a woman like her before and she’s absolutely right. Let’s gooooooo….!!!! Out first is Mia Yim, and I’m curious as to why NOW they choose to put over her hand injury which Mia sells now. Where was energy last match? Next is Combat Queen Kaitlyn out.

Handshake, bell. Tie up and a hard chop. Kaitlyn regroups with a low dropkick to the leg and running seated clothesline. More offence, a trifecta of leg drops from Kaitlyn followed by a cannonball, two count. Kaitlyn uses her large thighs to her advantage with a body scissor and a pinning combination. Mia fights free, but is kicked off by Kaitlyn to the outside, Kaitlyn goes for another low dropkick and Mia is laying in wait, she catches her and rams her leg into the apron. Mia is on the attack with kicks, leg DDTs and inverted sharpshooters.

She presses her advantage by punching Kaitlyn like she insulted her mother, disrespect is right, Renee. She goes for another punch but meets the canvas, and Kaitlyn gives as good as she got. She goes to work on Mia’s face then her arm, bending her wrist back and then adding extra torque onto the fingers of Mia Yim. Is Kaitlyn turning to the dark side? Mia is screaming in pain and Kaitlyn giving her the business, body slam attempt turns into a pin for Mia and a kick to the face for two. Kaitlyn has discoloration on her leg because of Mia, and out of desperation hits her VINTAGE and pretty awesome, shoulder tackle to knock Mia off her feet.

Both women make it slowly to their feet. Kaitlyn with the advantage. Reverse elbow, body slam, another, and Mia is begging off, but plays possum, and pays. Kaitlyn hoists her up into a spinning sideslam. Mia, you thought. Two count. Kaitlyn charges Mia in the corner, a miss, Mia hits Sole Food, is it over? Noooooo. Kaitlyn kicks out of the prawn hold and is showing toughness. The crowd is getting into this now.

They jockey for position and Kaitlyn gets the better of the situation and spears Mia so hard she went for Blasian to Asian for 2.2 seconds. But that’s how long she also stayed down. She kicked out of Kaitlyn’s spear! Kaitlyn is thunderstruck. Kaitlyn goes the stomp Mia who moves and channeling her inner Asuka, quick as a flash, locks in a kneebar for the win! Mia soaked in the adulation, but also gave her respect to Kaitlyn with a hug.

Kaitlyn run in the Mae Young Classic may have come to an end but leaving the Mae Young Classic with plenty of warm feelings.

Thoughts: This was by far the best match of the episode. Both women showed just how much they wanted it and what it meant. Kaitlyn was more aggressive than we had seen her and was doling out some pretty harsh punishment. Mia was showing here what time it was and was not to be outdone or denied. I wish Kaitlyn could have gone on further and, I’m biased here, I thought she did fabulously throughout her run in the Mae Young Classic. She added more depth to her moveset, and came back a more matured wrestler and worker. When she left, she was really hitting her stride and I was nervous that we were going to get NXT Season 3 Kaitlyn because of how long she has been gone but she surprised me. Mia was much better, much more focused this tournament than last, and  her offense has changed and adapted to each opponent, which is nice to see. Kudos!!

Round Two Thoughts: The first episode was by far the better one. Meiko and Mercedes had the match of the round for me, far and away. Those two showed us what women’s wrestling was all about. Next round is kind of a foregone conclusion. We know Tegan will be injured in her match with Ripley, Meiko will face Lacey Lane in what should be Lacey Lane’s best career match. Toni Storm will face Mia Yim, and Io Shirai will face Deonna Purrazzo.

As we get closer to the final four, who has impressed you the most? Which was the match of the round? You saw! Comment! You decide!

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