Lita vs. Mickie James in the Women’s Title tournament finals


November 5th, 2006 | The finals of the Women’s Title tournament came down to Lita and Mickie James, and the two did battle for the vacated title at 2006’s Cyber Sunday. Fans voted on the match’s stipulation, choosing the Lumberjack option and surrounding the ring with women. In the end, distraction from Victoria signaled the end for Mickie, as Lita was able to surprise her with a DDT and pin her, becoming the new Women’s Champion.

What are your memories of this moment?


  1. The match was very underwhelming and honestly not very memorable.

    The only part I liked was the finish which I thought was really cool.

    Mickie always takes great DDTs from Lita and Lita gloating at the end was nice to see.

    Shame Lita only had three more weeks left as a full time wrestler. :'(