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    NXT star Nikki Cross is a medicine SmackDown needs

    SmackDown‘s women’s roster has an unsure future, with SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch injured and in “doctor jail”. The Tuesday night brand needs to bring up Nikki Cross to ease their pain.

    Nia Jax issued a punch that was heard around the WWE Universe, and put Becky Lynch in “doctor jail”, after Lynch suffered a “broken face and severe concussion”. The result was a roster shakeup, that left the future state of the SmackDown title storyline unknown.

    Lynch was allowed to choose who took her place in the champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series against Ronda Rousey. In a move that swerved us all, Lynch chose ex-friend and assumed feud partner Charlotte Flair.

    During her match against Rousey, Flair lost her mind, and attacked Rousey with kendo sticks, chairs, and whatever else she could get her hands on.

    The motive was perceived as Flair trying to win back Lynch’s good grace, and defend her friend. The hope by many, was that it was a way to create the Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen match the world has been waiting for.

    Instead, it seemed to create chaos and confusion for the roster of SmackDown. On the Tuesday episode after Survivor Series, Charlotte took her aggression out on the IIconics, after refusing to apologize to Rousey for the attack

    If history tells us anything, it’s that the attempt to make Flair heel will backfire, and fans will actually like her that much more. So, where does that leave the heel status of the SmackDown women’s roster?

    Mandy Rose has stepped out against her fellow teammate Sonya Deville, but that motive seems pretty specific and low-key. The IIconics have the ability to set themselves apart from the rest of the roster as heels, but their hilarious antics and promos seems to be having the opposite effect.

    What SmackDown really needs, is a wild card, a talented athlete who can play crazy. Who better to fill that role than current NXT superstar Nikki Cross?

    Nikki Cross has the experience and talent to match that of “The Man”, and who wouldn’t want to see a bout between the best of Scotland and the best of Ireland? Cross has been featured in Insane Championship Wrestling, JWP Joshi Puroresu, World Wonder Ring Stardom, SHIMMER, Shine Wrestling, TNA, and is a three-time Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion. She was also ranked no. 24 in this year’s PWI Women’s 100.

    After being showcased in independent circuits around the world, Cross signed with NXT, who promptly placed in her the stable SAnitY with Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, and Killian Dean. She was left to NXT alone, however, when WWE sent the boys of SAnitY to SmackDown.

    Cross, however, showed her best work during her singles run. She had an ongoing feud with Asuka, after she acted as backup for an attacked Asuka, only to then turn on Asuka, herself. The feud led to the first-ever in WWE history last woman standing match.

    Recently, Cross planted herself in the storyline between Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano, where she told Black it was Gargano who had attacked him on that fateful night. The “Twisted Sister” upset Gargano’s wife, acclaimed Candice LeRae, and the result was a bout between the two that stole the show at Wednesday’s NXT.

    Why place Cross at SmackDown? Several reasons.

    Not only should the SAnitY sister be reunited with her brothers for a full run at the roster, but she has the type of unhinged crazy that the women’s roster needs.

    Cross already answered Lynch’s title open challenge at Nov. 6 episode of SmackDown, so we know the two already have an on camera chemistry, with the opportunity to see two of the most talented and unpredictable talents in the WWE.

    When Flair’s “crazy act” starts to fall flat, the roster will need a real heel to turn the brand on its toes. From the intro music, to her a-typical look, to her insane social media rants, Cross is what the WWE needs to spice things up and keep the viewers interested.

    Cross should be brought up to SmackDown, immediately. Shayna Baszler might work as a better heel, but Cross is the best medicine to an aching midcard.