IMPACT releases new theme music and video for Taya Valkyrie


IMPACT released a new YouTube video showcasing the dramatic new theme music for the gimmick of Wera Loca, for Taya Valkyrie.

The new video showcases Valkyrie’s new gimmick “Wera Loca”, meaning crazy blonde. Wera Loca is a villain, who flashes a dramatic look and a dramatic personality.

The Canadian wrestler started using Wera Loca during her time at Lucha Libre, where she is a former two-time and longest-reigning Reina de Reinas Champion at an astounding 945 days. The look will be new for IMPACT fans.

Currently, Valkyrie is an ongoing and lengthy feud with IMPACT Knockouts Champion Tess Blanchard, where she’s gunning for the top prize.

Check out the video of the new song above, and watch for Wera Loca on IMPACT Wrestling, every Thursday night on PopTV and FITE TV, 10 p.m. EST.


  1. Maybe you guys can move on to wwe’s comment section on youtube to discuss stuff if you guys easily get offended by non-wwe stuff posted on here.

    Now on topic

    I like both characters of Taya but this one reminds me of that White chick who lives in a hispanic hood and trying so hard to fit in with the chola community. I think I prefer her Games of Thrones character.

  2. Slow news day, I guess.
    In my opinion Tessa’s entrance music is just the thing for someone looking to make her bones; it’s WAY better than this.
    And Josh Mathews may reference Game Of Thrones all he wants; but Taya Valkyrie is NO Brienne Of Tarth

  3. Better she go along with her old wera location gimmick that worked so well in AAA. She’s more of a thuggish girl from the streets and I never bought that daft gimmick as like some sort of goddess she had going on before.