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The Naomi vs Mandy Rose feud is being overlooked, and it shouldn’t

Mandy Rose and Naomi have been feuding for quite some time. They’ve had a few matches here and there during 2018 – including a match-up during the Mixed Match Challenge tournament – but it wasn’t until recently that the two have been in the midst of a bonafide feud.

The two Superstars have been in each other’s cross-hairs ever since the Nov. 6 episode of SmackDown. More recently, they’ve been embroiled in a Twitter war. The war raged on and persisted until SmackDown GM Paige stepped in and booked the two to square off in one-on-one action for this past episode of SmackDown Live.

Anyone who watched this past episode of SmackDown Live knows that the match didn’t happen.

A WWE.com/YouTube exclusive interview with the SmackDown GM would provide an in-universe explanation for the match getting called off; Rose and Naomi lost all of their time to an unplanned Miz segment that dragged too long.

Frankly, if we had to bet on the real non-kayfabe explanation, we’d say that the match was cancelled because WWE don’t care about it.

It seems that WWE did not deem the prospect of Mandy Rose vs Naomi to be worth television time and instead put it on the back burner for next time. That is, if there’s a next time. Paige said that their feud isn’t over in her exclusive explanation, but has yet to reschedule the match for a later date.

It feels like WWE is actively ignoring the Naomi/Mandy Rose storyline, when in reality, they should be embracing it.

Mandy Rose & Naomi at the MMC
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For starters, these two have proven to have good chemistry in the ring together. The two have shared a ring in some capacity 25 times this year – only nine of which were televised – but only in either battle royals or tag team competition. Apart from one house show in Saginaw, Michigan, they’ve never wrestled one-on-one.

Every time they’ve shared a ring this year, the two put on solid work. Naomi has always been credited as one of WWE’s best pure athletes while Rose continues to improve with each match. Adding some new storyline driven intensity to their dynamic could make for a great match.

Mandy Rose stomping Naomi while referee Daniel Bryan looks on with concern
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Speaking of storyline, despite WWE refusing to give them their time of day on television, Mandy Rose and Naomi are hellbent on getting the attention they deserve by promoting their feud through social media. Ever since they missed out on last Tuesday’s show, the two have been trading some savage barbs against each other on Twitter

Their latest Twitter war has featured such jaw dropping moments as Naomi discrediting Rose’s latest “#thot shoot” – the tweet has since been deleted – and Rose retaliating by complimenting Naomi’s husband Jimmy Uso. Most recently, Rose fired back by claiming she stole Naomi’s spot on Total Divas.

Their fiery exchange has set Twitter ablaze and garnered plenty of attention onto the pair. If they’re willing to put this much work into moving their feud to Twitter, they are sure to do wonders in the ring and – most importantly – on television.

WWE would be foolish not to capitalize on the attention this feud is getting by not bringing it to television.

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