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    Kylie Rae on Britt, Tessa, and intergender wrestling

    Kylie Rae is well-known for her work in the independent circuit, even being called the “indie darling” of wrestling.

    She’s spent time at Reality of Wrestling, Freelance Wrestling, SHIMMER, Stardom, RISE, and a multitude of other promotions.

    This Friday, Kylie Rae will once again face Tessa Blanchard for Zelo Pro Wrestling’s Women’s Championship in a two-out-of-three falls match at their highly anticipated event, Milwaukee Meltdown.

    Ahead of her bout, Diva Dirt’s Kristen Ashly got to chat with one of the hottest women on the indie scene, and get her thoughts on other women wrestlers, the women’s revolution, and intergender wrestling.

    The Chicago native recently spent time in Japan with a short tour in Stardom, and spoke on the debate of adding women to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Though Rae didn’t feel she spent enough time in the country to speak on the topic, she does want to return for the training.

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    Though the training in Japan is faster paced and more difficult, the women on the WWE rosters have been causing a storm of their own. Rae commented on the ongoing evolution, and what it means for her personal career.

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    WWE has progressed leaps and bounds in their view and treatment of women wrestlers, but one glaring hole still exists: the acceptance of intergender wrestling.

    Rae speaks on her experience in intergender wrestling, specifically with friend and fellow Zelo Pro Wrestling talent, GPA.

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    Back in November, Rae made headlines and took the indie scene in the palm of her hand, when she faced Kimber Lee for AAW’s Unstoppable, main-eventing the show in a homecoming for the champion.

    Rae talks about how the moment felt for her, and how the support of other wrestlers is strong and steady.

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    Ashly asked Rae how she felt ahead of her match with Blanchard, and how she is preparing for her fight in Milwaukee, on Friday.

    Rae spoke at length about how she learns so much from the Impact Women’s Champion.

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    Finally, Rae was asked about her future goals, and who she would love to face in upcoming matches, including a hopeful match with friend Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

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    Be sure to check back with Diva Dirt for exclusives before, during, and after Zelo Pro Wrestling’s Milwaukee Meltdown, slated for Friday, Jan. 4 at 7:00 p.m. CST, at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom.

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