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Priscilla Kelly’s recent spot causes a mixed reaction

Independent wrestling star, Priscilla Kelly, is the focus of Twitter reactions this weekend. The reactions are due to a recent spot. Along with her indie work, Kelly is best known for being a participant in last years Mae Young Classic tournament in WWE, along with her indie work. The spot in question occurred during a match between Kelly and her opponent Tuna.

The video is from a fan’s Twitter account. The video depicts Kelly using what appears to be a used tampon during a suburban fight. This match occurred at a Suburban Fight Pro Wrestling event. A loud reaction erupts from the crowd. She removes the feminine hygiene product and drops it into her competitor’s mouth.

The crowd reaction at the show is not the only reaction to this incident. Many wrestlers and members of the wrestling community took to Twitter with reactions.

The reactions appear to be a mixture of those understanding the spot and those that feel it went too far.

Reby Hardy commented on the incident in Kelly’s defense.

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross gave a simple one word response.

Tommy Dreamer showed his respect for Kelly from his social media post. Known for taking things extreme himself, Dreamer’s reaction was not a surprise.

Just like Dreamer, former WWE superstar, Hurricane Helms also made a joke about the situation.

The response by Helms prompted a negative response from Brian James. James went by the ring name Road Dogg and was part of the D-Generation X stable of the Attitude Era. This stable was known to do outlandish things themselves, however, that was a different time in WWE.

James would apologize to Kelly a short moment later after receiving some backlash from fans and a logical response from Joey Ryan. Ryan is an independent wrestler who is widely known for his uncensored wrestling persona. As a result, many fans wanted to know what his reaction was to Kelly’s match.

Kelly speaks up for herself with the double standard reaction to her naysayers.

She did not expect to receive such a reaction from this spot, but she is taking the responses in stride. Regardless of the reactions, she certainly has reached a lot of attention from wrestling fans and gains new social media followers.

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