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Shotzi Blackheart becomes inaugural War of Genders Champion

In several regards, 2018 was something of a breakout year for Shotzi Blackheart. 2018 was the year that the self-proclaimed Ballsy Badass first showcased herself on a global platform following her arrival to Impact Wrestling.

In this same year, she made significant appearances for big time promotions like EVOLVE, SHINE, RISE, SHIMMER and Pro-Wrestling EVE.

Last night, in her first weekend wrestling in the new year, The Daddy from the Black Lagoon kicked off her 2019 with a bang by becoming the first ever War of the Genders Champion in Sabotage Wrestling.

Last night, Sabotage Wrestling held its third annual War of the Genders event in Irving, Texas. The show’s main event promised to crown an inaugural War of the Genders Champion in a match between Nikki Knight, Thunder Rosa, Fuego Del Sol, GPA, Kody Lane and of course, Shotzi Blackheart.

For those wondering what the War of the Genders Championship is all about, it is simply all about promoting equality in wrestling. It is a championship that can be won, challenged, and defended by anyone of any gender. That includes men, women and any preferred binary – or lack there of – in between.

This should be considered a bold and progressive mission statement for any championship in the wrestling business.

Few championships in this industry are inclusive in a way that welcomes all genders and even fewer such championships are presented as important titles that are meant to be taken seriously. Most titles like this happen to be 24/7 comedy titles held under hardcore stipulations.

Sabotage Wrestling could not have found a better suitor to be its first title holder than Shotzi Blackheart.

As the inaugural War of the Genders Champion, Blackheart promises to lead a “year of equality” with the title and we look forward to seeing this Daddy defend her title for the first time.

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