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Taya Valkyrie is the new Impact Knockouts Champion

The new year is starting out pretty well for Taya Valkyrie. Valkyrie captured her first Knockouts Championship this weekend at Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming event. She defeated Tessa Blanchard after several months of trying to best her.

Valkyrie and Blanchard have been feuding for months since Valkyrie called her out for a match at Bound For Glory. Blanchard came out on top of that bout and continued her reign, but Valkyrie would not take her ball and go home.

Unlike there previous encounters, this bout would have a special referee added to the match. Just a few weeks ago, Valkyrie confronted Blanchard in the ring. The interaction became very personal.

Blanchard was called out for her lack of respect for authority and how she was not acting like a champion. Valkyrie’s accusations led Blanchard to wonder how she knew what a champion felt like. According to her Homecoming opponent, the closest Valkyrie has come to a title is her husband’s.

Tonight’s match showcased the strength of both women, with stunning equality of talent. Blanchard was able to work over her opponent on the outside. Once she brought her opponent back in the ring, Blanchard was only able to obtain several two counts.

As recalled by PWInsider, Blanchard attempted to hit the buzzsaw DDT, but Valkyrie countered with a northern lights suplex and received a two count.

After a failed moonsault attempt by Valkyrie, Blanchard obtained another near fall. This time she would get in Kim’s face with a forearm. Blanchard became further irritated when Kim was not able to count after she successfully hit the buzzsaw.

Blanchard would continue to provoke Kim by shoving her. Kim shoved back until her breaking point, where she delivered Eat Defeat. Valkyrie capitalized and successfully hit her Road to Valhalla finisher, winning the match.

At the end of Homecoming, Valkyrie would join in celebration with her husband, Johnny Impact, after the successful defense of the Impact World Championship.

Tune into IMPACT this Friday at 10 p.m. EST on Pursuit, or Twitch, to find out what Taya’s first move is as the new champion.

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